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Providing Top Quality Real Estate Education for Over 30 Years

Champions School of Real Estate® has been providing top quality Real Estate education for over 30 years. Our focus has always been on providing you with an excellent education experience regardless of what stage of your Real Estate career you are in. Whether you need Qualifying Education to start your career, Sales Agent Apprentice Education (SAE) to build your career, or Continuing Education to keep your career running smoothly, Champions School of Real Estate® is here to help you succeed.
Class Delivery Methods
Champions offers a number of convenient delivery methods to choose from including Blended Classroom, Online Correspondence, and more! Learn More
Brick and Mortar Campuses
Champions has seven physical locations across the state of Texas in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. Learn More
Important TREC Notices
Champions respects the regulations set by the Texas Real Estate Commission. Learn More
Steps to a Real Estate License
Everything you need to know about the Texas Real Estate licensing process! Learn More

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First License Renewal Education Included!

Common Questions (FAQ)
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  • Is Exam Prep required to attain my license?
  • I have finished all of my classes. Now what?
  • When can I schedule my state licensing exam?
  • If I have a criminal record, am I eligible to receive a Texas Real Estate License?
  • Is Business Etiquette required to attain my license?
  • What are the SAE classes that are offered in the packages?
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