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Licensees who maintain inactive licenses are not required to complete continuing education; however, if a licensee desires an active license, the licensee will be required to complete the required hours prior to activation of a license.

Non Resident Licensee - Non-residents must take the Oklahoma specific classes each license term, regardless of the education they’ve had in their home state. The specific course topics are:

  • Contracts and Forms (CON)
  • Codes and Rules (CAR)
  • Broker Relationships Act (BRA)

Courses cannot be repeated during the same license term.

Education Required to Return to Active Status - A licensee will submit a request to Transfer or Activate License for Real Estate Associate form. After the form is completed and processed, the licensee shall then be required to complete the continuing education requirement for the next license term for which the license is to be renewed active or activated.

Reinstatement of Lapsed Sales and Broker License - An applicant seeking active reinstatement of a lapsed license must submit evidence that all continuing education requirements have been completed for each term in which an active license is to be issued.

Provisional Sales Associates (PSA) are not required to complete continuing education; however, they have a separate and unique 45-hour post-license requirement every twelve (12) months for their license period. One-year prior to the license expiration date the PSA is required to complete the Part II post-license course. This course must be taken during the license period and must not be taken prior to a license being issued.

Real Estate Continuing Education Questions

How do I access the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission (OREC) website?

You can access the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission (OREC) website using the following link:

Is the 21-hour course covered in one textbook?

Yes, the 21-hour CE course consists of one textbook which includes the 6 required 1-hour subjects AND the 15-hour Broker in Charge course.

Can I download the textbook(s)?

Yes, all of our online CE courses in Oklahoma include a downloadable version of the textbook that is available to you at no additional charge. If you prefer a physical copy of the book, shipping options are available.

What will it cost me to ship the 21-hour Course Textbook?

We can ship you a physical copy of the textbook for $8. Overnight shipping is also available for $20.

Who is required to take the 15-hour Broker In Charge course?

Any Broker who holds or has held a license type of Broker Manager (BM), Proprietor Broker (BP), and Branch Broker (BB) during any portion of their current license term shall be required to successfully complete the 15-hour Broker in Charge course.

If I do NOT need the additional hours, is there a book for JUST the 15-hour Broker in Charge course?

Yes, there is a standalone book available for the 15-hour Broker in Charge course. This book is available to you as a download or be shipped to you at an additional cost.

Is there a physical textbook available for the 1-hour subjects?

No, the books for the 1-hour course topics are available as a download only.

If I sign up at 10:00 PM the day before my license expires and complete the homework and final exam at 11:59pm, will my license be considered renewed timely?

Yes, you have until 11:59 PM to complete the continuing education and be considered timely. However, it is highly recommended that you complete your CE sooner rather than later to avoid complications in the renewal process.

Late penalty - All renewals shall be filed on or before midnight of the tenth day of the month in which said license is due to expire, except in the event that date falls on a Saturday, unday or holiday; in such case, the next Commission working day shall be considered the due date for all renewals except electronic online renewal wherein this exception would not apply. Any such renewal application filed after such date shall be subject to a late penalty fee of Ten Dollars ($10.00).

How often does a licensee need to renew their license?

A license is issued for three (3) years (including the month the license was issued). To renew a license on active status, all continuing education requirements must be met and recorded at the commission on or before the last day of your current license term.

Can hours be taken at any time?

Yes, Continuing Education hours may be taken any time during the thirty-six (36) months during their license term.

What are the renewal fees for a Sales Associate or Broker?

The renewal fees are as follows: (All fees are non-refundable and subject to change):

  • $165 - Active status for a Provisional Sales or Sales Associate
  • $110 - Inactive or Suspended Sales Associate or Provisional Sales Associate
  • $225 - Active Status for a Broker Associate, Branch Broker, Broker Manager, or Broker Proprietor
  • $140 - Inactive or Suspended Broker

Please Note - Failure to renew your license by the 10th day of the month in which your license is due to expire will result in a $10 late Penalty Fee.

How soon can I pay my renewal fee?

Approximately 60 days before the license expiration date. Renewal notices are mailed to licensees the month prior to their license expiration date. The licensee may renew at any time after receiving the notice. Example: November 2, 2015 renewal notices were mailed for December 31, 2015 renewals. The licensee may renew November 2, 2015 through December 31, 2015. Reminder: Failure to renew your license by the 10th day of the month in which your license is due to expire will result in a $10.00 Late Penalty Fee.

How do I renew my license?

Renewals may be done either by paper or online. Go to For paper filing, select "Application and License Forms". For online filing, at the home page, click on "Click Here For Online Services". From there, you can enter your "Username and Password".

I want to take your courses for my Oklahoma CE, where do I go to do this?

You can enroll for any of our online Oklahoma CE courses at:

How is my credit reported to the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission?

Upon passing the final exam with an 80% or higher, Champions School of Real Estate will report your course credit to OREC through their secure education portal.

What is the process for taking your correspondence courses?

Go to Here you will select/purchase the desire course(s) or course package and setup an account on our secure site. You will read through the lessons and log back into your account to take the online homework quiz through our secure online portal. Upon passing the homework with an 80% or higher you will be given access to the Final Exam. You will take the final exam online through our secure online portal. Upon passing the final exam with an 80% or higher, you will be issued a course completion certificate. Champions will upload your credit to OREC within 24 hours of completion.

Does OREC have reciprocity for non-resident Continuing Education (CE)?

OREC does accept other states educational documents; however, nonresident licensees must take at least one hour each in the Oklahoma-specific topics: Contracts and Forms, Code and Rules, and Broker Relationships Act.

In Oklahoma, the common law of agency is still practiced between the real estate broker and the broker’s associates; however, there is no agency relationship that can exist between the broker/associate and the consumer.

What are the CE Required Subjects to renew a Sales Associate or Broker Associate license?

Sales Associate (SA) or Broker Associate must take at least one hour in all of the required subjects: Professional Conduct, Broker Relationships Act, Fair Housing, Contracts and Forms, Code and Rule Updates, and Current Issues. The remaining 15 clock hours may consist of elective credit or the 15 hour Broker In Charge course.

Please Note - Champions students will take the 15 hour “Broker In Charge”.

How many final exam questions can the student expect to answer on a continuing education course?

Each approved distance Continuing Education (CE) course offering shall conclude with an final exam consisting of no less than seven (7) questions for each clock hour.

What do the codes mean behind the course titles?

OREC has specific core subjects (see bold below). When taking courses to complete your 21 clock hours of continuing education, you will want to make sure that you are completing the course/subject matter you need based on your license activity.

  • BIC = Broker in Charge
  • BRA = Broker Relationships Act
  • CAR = Code and Rules
  • CON = Contract and Forms
  • FHR = Fair Housing
  • PSC = Professional Conduct
  • HOT = Hot Topics - Codes and Current Issues
  • FIN = Financial