How Do I Earn a Texas Home Inspector License?

6 Easy Steps to Earning a Texas Home Inspector License

If you have ever considered getting a Professional Home Inspection License in Texas, now is the time! Below are the 6 steps to start you on your new career path. Whether you would like to be an Apprentice Inspector, Real Estate Inspector, or Professional Inspector working for yourself, Champions School of Real Estate has all the necessary courses to meet these license requirements. If you have any additional questions, please contact a Career Counselor at your nearest campus to get the answers to your questions. Sign up today and take the first steps toward your new career in Home Inspection.

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STEP 1 - Complete the Home Inspection Qualifying Education classes at Champions School of Real Estate®

330 Education hours including the following:

  • 90-Hour Course: Standards of Practice General Provisions (4-hours), Report Writing (4-hours), Appliances (8-hours), Framing (8-hours), Plumbing (8-hours), Texas Legal/Ethics (8-hours), Building Enclosures (10-hours), Electrical(10-hours), Foundations/Structure (10-hours), HVAC (10-hours), Roofing (10-hours)
  • 40-Hour Course: Mechanical (4-hours), Plumbing (4-hours), Building Enclosures (8-hours), Electrical (8-hours), Report Form/Report Writing (8-hours), Standard of Practice Legal/Ethics Update (8-hours)
  • 200-Hour Course: Appliances (6-hours), Other Approved Courses (6-hours), Standards of Practice Legal/Ethics Update (8-hours), Standard Report Form/Report Writing (8-hours), Plumbing (16-hours), Building Enclosure (24-hours), Electrical Systems (24-hours), HVAC Systems (24-hours), Roof Systems (24-hours), Foundation Systems (30-hours), Framing (30-hours)

In addition to the 330 hours, one of the following requirements must be met:

  1. 24-hour Interactive classroom and 40-hour Ride-along experience courses.OR
  2. 3 years as an active licensed professional engineer, engineer-in-training, or licensed/ registered architect (provide a license history); OR
  3. 5 years of personal experience in a field directly related to home inspection, including but not limited to installing, servicing, repairing or maintaining the structural, mechanical and electrical systems found in improvements to real property. Must provide 2 affidavits from persons other than the applicant who have personal knowledge of the applicant's work, detailing the time and nature of the applicant's relevant experience. Each affidavit must be from a different source and include a contact telephone number and signature and must be notarized.

STEP 2 - Submit Professional Inspector License Application and Educational Documents to TREC

Once you have completed your courses at Champions, you will now need to submit your certificates of completion, Inspector license application, application fee, and if applicable, experience records to the Texas Real Estate Commission by mail.

You can mail your documentation to:

Texas Real Estate Commission
PO Box 12188
Austin, Texas 78711-2188

The application fee for a Professional Inspector license is $120 and should be paid by cashiers check, personal check, or money order payable to the Texas Real Estate Commission.

STEP 3 - Take the National/State Exam Prep Course at Champions School of Real Estate®

While waiting for your education to be evaluated and the application to be approved, our exam prep course is the perfect tool to keep your knowledge fresh and help you prepare for the exam. You may retake the course as many times as you want for one year at no additional charge!

STEP 4 - Upon receipt of your Candidate Information Brochure (CIB), call Pearson Vue to schedule the State Exam.

Pearson Vue Contact Information:

STEP 5 - Pass National/State Exam within One Year of Filing Application with TREC.

Everything you need to know about the Inspector National/State Exam:

  • $220.00 exam fee due at time of scheduling
  • 4.75 hours, 200 National Questions, 30 State Questions, Multiple choice
  • National passing score of 63% or higher / State passing score of 75% or higher.
  • May take 3 times prior to the application expiration date (1 year).
  • No required waiting time between tests

Note: If you fail the exam three times, you will be required to take additional education before you can retake the exam. Upon successfully passing the State Exam, we recommend participating in our Champions Inspector Association (CIA) group for continued mentoring and learning.

STEP 6 - Renew Your License Every Two Years by Completing Inspector Continuing Education

Annually complete your Inspector Continuing Education requirement by completing 32-Hours of Continuing Education every 2 years (must be different courses) from Champions School of Real Estate® and pay the renewal fee to TREC (Fee schedule below). The 32 hours of continuing education must include 4 hours of Inspector Legal & Ethics and 4 hours of Standards of Practice Review.

Inspector Renewal Fee Schedule: (Learn More)

  • Apprentice Inspector - $32
  • Real Estate Inspector - $53
  • Professional Inspector - $63

Note: To expedite processing, send fees using a money order or cashiers check. More information is available on

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