Reporting Procedures

When it comes to earning a license related to the Real Estate industry, completing your education is only part of the process. Whether you are taking Qualifying Education or Continuing Education, you will need to ensure that the credit is reported to the proper regulatory body (TREC, TALCB, etc) in order to successfully file the related applications. This process may differ depending on the license and type of education. Below is an explanation of the various ways in which education credit is reported by Champions School of Real Estate®.

Real Estate QE / SAE - Self Reporting

In Texas, Real Estate QE (Qualifying Education) and SAE (Sales Agent Apprentice Education) courses are each worth 30 hours of credit with the state. Champions School of Real Estate® does NOT report this credit to TREC automatically upon completion. Students must download the certificate for each individual course and email them to TREC ( in order to receive credit. Credit may take upwards of 48-hours to post to your TREC profile once the certificates have been emailed.

Certificates for Online Courses

To access your certificates for online courses, return to the "Class Information" screen for each course via the "My Classes" link within your account. If the course is complete with a passing grade, the certificate will be available to download via a link at the bottom of the page.

Certificates for Classroom Courses

Upon completion of any course in the classroom, you will be provided with a printed copy of your course completion certificate. This document can be scanned and emailed to TREC or sent to them by mail. If you completed a classroom course and need a fresh copy of your certificate, please call the campus that you attended (Contact Us).

Real Estate CE - Automatic Upload

All online Continuing Education courses (Does not include 30-hour SAE courses) are automatically uploaded to TREC once the course has been completed and the student has signed the online reporting form (Distance Education Reporting Form). Upon receiving a passing grade in a course exam, you will be prompted to digitally sign the DER Form by entering your intials. Completing this step will mark the course as complete and ensure that the credit is uploaded.

Champions School of Real Estate® uploads CE credit to TREC at 10:00 AM, Monday - Friday. This means that it is highly likely that not all of your courses will be uploaded to TREC on the same day. If you receive an upload confirmation email and notice that some of your courses are missing, this means that they were completed at different times and will probably upload the following day.

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