Tips for New Agents

Typical Interviewing Questions You Can Expect From Sellers and Buyers

The very first question a seller or buyer will ask their agent is "are you a full-time or part-time agent?"

The answer they are looking for is "full time". It takes a complete marketing plan and the agent's full time attention to get the job accomplished. If you are a buyer wanting an agent to help you locate a property, you want someone who keeps up with the market values. The agent should know where the new home communities are located and the reputations of the developers and experience of the local builders in those communities.

So, if you are not full time, be prepared to overcome this objection with sound information about your competency, devotion and time available to help the client. Be equipped with stats and market data information indicating your knowledge and expertise.

The listing agent is the name of the agent making the agreement with the seller to put the seller's house on the market. The agent should always provide the seller with a comparative market analysis to help the seller know the sold prices of homes similar to the seller's that have sold in the last 6 months. The listing agent will also give information to the seller that has been taken from multiple listing statistics. This information would consist of number of days on the market for a "priced right" house to sell. The seller will be asking the agent for a comprehensive plan for marketing the seller's property. The agent needs to emphasize the importance of the reputation of his company for selling properties like the seller's with excellence success. The agent should reassure the seller that the agent will stay in communication regularly to give feedback on showings, market changes and showing suggestions.

Asking the number of years an agent has been in business is not an important question. Some agents who have been holding a license for 10+ years may not be active in real estate. Someone who has recently been licensed may have the time and devotion to concentrate on the seller's or buyers needs and do it very effectively.

Here is a possible list of interviewing questions a seller or buyer might ask the agent prior to hiring an agent:

  • Do you live in this neighborhood, or why do you feel like you can do a good job selling our house in this neighborhood?
  • How many houses have you sold in the last two years, or how many buyers have you helped in the last two years?
  • Approximately how many hours do you work in real estate per week?
  • Why did you, the agent, choose the company you are associated with?
  • Do you have past clients I might call to inquire about their experience with you and your firm?

Agents who are confident in their ability will gladly welcome an opportunity to answer these questions. As a new agent I suggest you bring these questions forward before being asked so you have the appropriate responses on the tip of your tongue.