Change Your Mindset – Change Your Market

“Be careful what you ask for – you may get it”. Another way of putting this is, “be careful what thoughts you place in your mind, as they may produce just those outcomes”.

Are you imagining a good year or a bad year? Are you telling yourself it is a good year, not so good year, or bad year”? "Thoughts held in the mind produce after their kind." If you wish to change the outer circumstances of your life, you can begin by focusing on your inner world. This is an old Chinese proverb.

We get what we plan for.

This median value on housing taken into count for median income demonstrates there are people who have the ability to buy. Are you willing to change your thought processes to move your selling nitch to the $120 – 157,000 price range? Change your mindset, change your market.

  • Approx 22.5% of Texas population is a homeowner

There are plenty of opportunities for sales in any type of market if “you are willing to change your mindset”.

Leases are hot right now – not only great news in commercial but as leasing market continues to skyrocket, people turn to homeownership again.

Nitches are important whether it be you are the first time homebuyer specialist, the Mexican Nationalist specialist, the high rise expert, the Luxury Home expert, the affordable housing expert, the NW Houston specialist, the Lake Conroe expert, the Gleannloch Farms specialist, etc. the list goes on. However, are you able to change with the market and change your mindset?

The busiest markets in all states is the under $200,000 price range. The retirees with the big bucks got caught up in the Ponzi schemes and are sitting on their money. The boomers are still buying second homes; the gen x’ers (born between 1965 – 1975) are the ones with the money to buy as they are the most conservative generational group we’ve had since the Silents who were born prior to 1945.

You should be expanding your listing inventory right now. You need to be positioning yourself for success by working your daily business plan. You are not positioning yourself for success if you are telling your clients, the market is down. “We get what we plan for”.

Take steps to change your thinking. There is no time in the success of your business to say, “it’s really slow” because the agent, title closer, mortgage originator right behind you is saying, “I need more agents, loan officers, time in the day to complete basic tasks, I am so busy”.

How does your change in mindset start? Follow these steps:

  1. Define your dreams and where you want to be by the end of this year.
  2. Position yourself for a growth period over the next 20 years because that’s a reality.
  3. Work the plan you have set in place for being lean with expenses and mean with formulating your growth plan?
  4. Institute the growth plan right now. New niches, new markets, new specialties, new attitude.

Surviving the Serengeti by my friend, Stefan Swanepole is what we are talking about. Look around yourself and reinvest in yourself. By reinvesting, start with your thoughts, and then go to your verbal comments to others. Then look at your personal and professional life. Does it need a once over? As Stefan states in his book, this is an extraordinary time to provide the benefits of enlightened and focused leadership to yourself and to your team. The new salesperson you are up against is typically “nitch oriented, desires and attends extra training to learn more and make more and is focused on firm personal family relationships.