One of the most common questions among aspiring real estate agents is, “Do I need a degree for this?”

In this article we’ll answer some questions about real estate and its educational requirements.

Do I need a college degree to be a real estate agent?

No. You do not need a college degree to become a real estate agent. In fact, according to the National Association of REALTORS®, only 31% of REALTORS have a bachelor’s degree.

Will a college degree help me in real estate?

A college degree, though not required, can be beneficial in many ways. A degree in real estate, finance, business, or a related field can provide a strong foundation of knowledge that can be useful in the real estate industry.

Additionally, some employers prefer to hire agents with a degree, as it may demonstrate dedication and commitment to the field. But the most important step in becoming a real estate agent is to complete the qualifying education courses required by your state.

Can I become a real estate agent with a GED?

Yes. In many states, you don’t even need a GED or high school diploma for a real estate license.

Texas is one of the states where a GED is not required. According to the rules of the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be a citizen of the United States or lawfully admitted alien
  • Meet TREC’s qualifications for honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity

Do I need a college degree to be a real estate broker?

No. You don’t need a college degree to become a real estate broker. But it fast-tracks you in meeting the requirements.

One requirement to become a real estate broker is 900 hours of related education courses. A bachelor’s degree counts toward 630 of these hours.

If I don’t need a degree, what education do I need?

Requirements vary by state, but no matter where you are located, you’ll need to complete qualifying education courses. View your state’s real estate regulatory website for more information.

If you are located in Texas, you will need to complete 180 hours of the following TREC-approved qualifying education courses:

  • (30 hours) Principles of Real Estate I
  • (30 hours) Principles of Real Estate II
  • (30 hours) Law of Agency
  • (30 hours) Law of Contracts
  • (30 hours) Real Estate Finance
  • (30 hours) Promulgated Contract Forms

For more information about obtaining a real estate license in Texas, see our detailed breakdown of the Texas real estate license requirements.

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