Champions School of Real Estate® Announces Release of New Online Interactive Course Delivery Method for Real Estate Qualifying Classes

AUSTIN (Jun. 1, 2021) - Online Campus

Champions School of Real Estate®, Texas's largest real estate education provider, has announced the June 1 release of a new Online Interactive course delivery method, a module-based web app that engages students as they progress through their real estate qualifying courses with instructor-led videos and interactive activities.

Champions School of Real Estate's in-house team of subject matter experts and course designers worked together to develop the Online Interactive courses, which are based on the real estate school’s exclusive curriculum. The new module-based delivery format allows students to complete their real estate classes on any internet-connected device at any time. All six state-required real estate qualifying courses have been approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission.

"Every new product initiative at Champions School of Real Estate revolves around the core philosophy of improving the quality of the student experience in every way possible," shares Curt Knobloch, Champions School of Real Estate Vice President. “After exploring emerging trends in online education, we chose to pursue the development of immersive online courses that replicate the Champions School of Real Estate classroom and virtual educational experience for the online student."

About the Online Interactive Delivery Method

  • What is the Online Interactive Delivery Method: The Online Interactive course delivery method is a timed, module-based, interactive class that students will be able to access from their accounts. This delivery method features instructor-led videos and interactive activities that students complete as they progress from module to module.
  • What devices can students use to access their class? Any phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop device with access to a web browser and the internet.
  • Recommended Browsers: Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer
  • What Online Interactive Courses are available? The six TREC-required real estate qualifying courses.
  • When will Online Interactive Courses become available to students? Tuesday, June 1.

The Online Interactive delivery method is Champions School of Real Estate’s fifth delivery method available for real estate qualifying students. Students also have the option of taking their courses through the Blended Classroom on-campus classes, the ChampionsLive virtual classrooms, the Online Correspondence, and the Home Study Correspondence delivery methods.

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