August 10, 2019 - Austin, TX
Kimberly Dydalewicz - President

After 35-years at the helm of Champions School of Real Estate, CEO and founder Rita Santamaria surprised her nearly 60 full-time employees at the company's 2019 Annual Statewide Retreat with the announcement that Kimberly Dydalewicz, Champions’ 5 year President, would be taking over daily business operations.

"My passion is my business. I love it dearly," stated Rita Santamaria, CEO, and Founder of Champions School of Real Estate. "I've never allowed myself to get up in the morning and think anything other than Champions School of Real Estate. I still have so many ideas. I want to take Champions School of Real Estate to places we haven't even gone to yet. This is another defining moment for our company; Kimberly and I both know that she's ready to take on the day-to-day operations."

The momentous occasion was marked by a symbolic passing of an engraved golden baton that Santamaria handed to Dydalewicz at the Maple Conference Room Champions School of Real Estate’s Austin campus.

Kimberly, who has worked for Champions School of Real Estate for 21 years, was promoted to President of the company in 2014. During Dydalewicz' tenure as President, Champions School of Real Estate has grown to encompass eight campuses throughout Texas including our progressive On-line campus, eight state-of-the-art ChampionsLive Studios, Curriculum Development, along with 150+ full-time staff and contract instructors. Dydalewicz is currently spearheading the Houston North Campus expansion relocation project, a 21,000 square-foot educational facility that will be open to the public in the first quarter of 2020.

"I have watched Champions School of Real Estate grow since I was seven, and this company has been the main focus of my life for over two decades," shared Kimberly Dydalewicz, Champions School of Real Estate President. "I am invested. Being honored with the responsibility of managing the day-to-day operations of Champions School of Real Estate is a responsibility that I don't take lightly. My vision for the future is to continue the growth of Champions School of Real Estate while maintaining a firm hold on the values and work ethic on which my mother built this company. We are a family business who incorporates family values with our day to day operations. I believe that is the key to having the largest real estate school in Texas."

Dydalewicz relocated with her family from Plano, Texas to Georgetown in 2018 and is now based out of Champions School of Real Estate's new Austin campus.