January 2, 2017 - Houston, TX

Champions School of Real Estate® has released the first official 2017 Skyler360 Informational Demo Sessions and Training Course Schedule to the public since the announcement of the exclusive educational partnership between the two companies.

Skyler360, a 2016 Inman Innovator Awards Finalist, is a user-friendly platform that allows agents to efficiently implement a 'hands-off' approach to their lead generation efforts. The personalized lead interaction platform can scale across multiple channels, including social media, text, emails and website chats through simple processes that, with proper training, will quickly prove to be an industry game-changer in creating and converting leads for an agents' business.

The Skyler360 Training Course, delivered to students across the country via ChampionsLive!, Champions School of Real Estate® s proprietary live streaming course delivery format, will prepare students as they learn to utilize Skyler360 as a lead generation tool for their business. Students will gain a firm understanding of the concepts behind Skyler360 and how it works, effectively equipping students to begin working with Skyler360 immediately.

Skyler360 Informational Seminars (Free):

  • 1/9/17 - Houston Galleria (9am - Noon)
  • 1/9/17 - Houston West (1-4pm)
  • 1/10/17 - San Antonio (9am - Noon)
  • 1/11/17 - Houston North (9am - Noon)
  • 1/12/17 - Austin (9am - Noon)
  • 1/13/17 - Dallas (9am - Noon)
  • 1/13/17 - Fort Worth (2-5pm)

Skyler360 Training Course ($79):

  • 1/24/17 - ChampionsLive! (9am - 3pm)

* Please note that tuition includes Skyler360 Demo, Digital Training Materials. Students do not need to purchase Skyler360 to take the course.

'Many technologies come across our desks, and we've seen many attempts by individuals aiming to redefine the real estate industry through the use of technology. We've never seen anything that utilizes artificial intelligence like Skyler360 to help our students,' stated Champions School of Real Estate® CEO & founder Rita Santamaria.

In response to the anticipated demand, Champions School of Real Estate® is expanding the ChampionsLive! Campus in Houston with an additional 3,000 square feet to accommodate for the eight state-of-the-art studios from which the Skyler360 training classes will be live-streamed to students around the world. The Skyler360 Training Course will cost students $79. Students are invited to visit www.ChampionsSchool.com/Live or call 713-580-4990 to receive additional information or to register for the free informational seminars and training course.