October 4, 2016 - Houston, TX

Champions School of Real Estate® announced on Tuesday an exclusive educational partnership with Skyler360, a digital platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to create a whole lead generation and customer relationship management solution for real estate professionals.

'Before embracing the educational partnership with Skyler360, we piloted real-time classroom demos at our Austin, Dallas and Houston Champions School of Real Estate® campuses to gauge student reactions,' shared Champions School of Real Estate® president Kimberly Dydalewicz. 'What we witnessed was pure awe from students who realized how a platform like Skyler360 was about to redefine the industry.'

Skyler360, a 2016 Inman Innovator Awards Finalist, is a user-friendly platform that allows agents to efficiently implement a 'hands-off' approach to their lead generation efforts. The personalized lead interaction platform can scale across multiple channels, including social media, text, emails and website chats through simple processes that, with proper training, will quickly prove to be an industry game-changer in creating and converting leads for an agents' business.

'Skyler360 operates on the vision that human elements in business must be strategically placed. Skyler360 enables users to do more with less, effectively freeing up time and acting as an extension of existing capabilities. Agents benefit from customer loyalty because of the minimal effort needed from leads to receiving the information they seek.' shared Ron Sasson, CEO of Skyler360.

Skyler360 training sessions are slated to begin Spring 2017 via ChampionsLive!, Champions School of Real Estate®'s proprietary live-stream course delivery format. In response to the anticipated demand, Champions School of Real Estate® is expanding their ChampionsLive! campus in Houston with an additional 3,000 square feet to accommodate for more state-of-the-art studios from which the Skyler360 training classes will be live-streamed to students around the world.

For more about Champions School of Real Estate® and Skyler360's new educational partnership, including information about future classes, ChampionsLive! Studios, and more, please contact Karla Larraga at Karla@ChampionsSchool.com or call 972-867-4100.