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Serving All Real Estate Education Needs in the Dallas Area

The Champions School of Real Estate® Dallas Campus currently offers the highest quality Real Estate Education to future and existing Real Estate license holders. Since opening in 2009, this campus has also expanded it's offerings to include classes for those interested in pursuing a career in Mortgage Loan Origination, Home Inspection, and Real Estate Appraisal. Today, we continue to grow by offering Business Etiquette classes which cover organizational skills, public speaking, and much more!

Campus Hours:
Mon-Fri: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Sat: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Contact Us:
Toll Free: 866-713-0055
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Top Selling Real Estate Licensing Packages

Interested in attending class at the Champions School of Real Estate Dallas campus? Click the link that follows to check out our upcoming class schedule! You can use the package links below to register or you can give us a call to register with a Career Counselor.

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6-Course Program + Exam Prep Icon
6-Course Program + Exam Prep

Our most popular program to help kickstart your Real Estate career!

9-Course Program + Exam Prep Icon
9-Course Program + Exam Prep

Get your license and satisfy your first license renewal requirements!

11-Course Career Success Licensing Program Icon
11-Course Career Success Licensing Program

The ultimate Real Estate License package!

Dallas Campus Career Counselors

  • Kimberly Dydalewicz Staff Headshot
    Kimberly Dydalewicz
  • Linda Chase Staff Headshot
    Linda Chase
    Campus Manager
  • Angie Carter-Thomas Staff Headshot
    Angie Carter-Thomas
    Administrative Assistant to President
  • Angela Clark Staff Headshot
    Angela Clark
    Career Counselor
  • Megan Deaton Staff Headshot
    Megan Deaton
    Career Counselor
  • Kim Doyle Staff Headshot
    Kim Doyle
    Career Counselor
  • Karla Larraga Staff Headshot
    Karla Larraga
    Communications Director
  • Mattia Martin Staff Headshot
    Mattia Martin
    Online Logistics