Important TREC Notices for Home Inspection Students

Champions School of Real Estate® Abides by Rules and Regulations Implemented by TREC

The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) is the regulating body for all licensed Home Inspection professionals in the state of Texas. All courses, materials, and practices at Champions School of Real Estate® are approved by TREC and Champions adheres to all Educational standards and rules passed down from TREC.

Below you will find a collection of updates to education standards and regulations recently put into practice by TREC. Whether you are a new student currently pursuing a license or an existing license holder returning for Continuing Education, we highly recommend that you review the information below.

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All Core Class Exams Must be Proctored

Effective September 1, 2017

In accordance with TREC rules and regulations, all exams for Core Real Estate and Home Inspection courses must now be proctored. Online exams can be scheduled and proctored using our convenient ChampionsLive!® system using a webcam or exams can be scheduled and administered in a testing center at any Champions campus location.

How Online Proctoring Works

Upon completion of the required quizzes in a given course, students will be able to select a date/time to have the class exam Proctored. Instructions for accessing the proctor session will automatically be emailed to the student when a session is scheduled. During a 2-hour proctoring session, students must log in via our ChampionsLive! system and check-in with a Proctor (A valid ID is required) using a webcam in order for their Online exam to be unlocked. Students must remain on camera for the duration of the 2-hour proctoring session. If the exam is not completed during the session, progress will be saved and a new session must be scheduled in order to re-access the exam and finish it.

**Please Note - Space in each Proctoring session is limited and only open sessions will be presented to the student as an option for scheduling.

(As per TREC rule §535.65)

(h) Course examinations.

  1. The final examination given at the end of each course must be given in a form and with questions that were submitted to the Commission with the course approval form.
  2. Final examination questions must be kept confidential and be significantly different from any quizzes and exercises used in the course.
  3. A provider shall not permit a student to view or take a final examination before the completion of regular course work and any makeup sessions required by this section.
  4. A provider must rotate all versions of the examination required by §535.62(b)(7) throughout the approval period for a course in a manner acceptable to the Commission and examinations must:
    1. require an unweighted passing score of 70%; and
    2. be proctored by a member of the provider faculty or staff, or third-party proctor acceptable to the Commission, who:
      1. is present at the test site or able to monitor the student through the use of technology acceptable to the Commission; and
      2. has positively identified that the student taking the examination is the student registered for and who took the course.

Please visit TREC Rules For more information regarding this change.

All Core Class Exams are Now CLOSED BOOK

As of September 1, 2017, all core class exams are now CLOSED BOOK. This rule will be enforced in the classroom as well as all online proctored exam sessions.

(As per amendments to TREC rule §535.65)

All final examinations are to be closed book examinations. This change was recommended by the Commission's Education Standards Advisory Committee.

For more information: Click Here.

As of September 1, 2017, Students have Two Attempts at the Core Class Exam

Effective September 1, 2017

In accordance with TREC rules and regulations, Champions students who fail to pass the exam for a 30-hour core course twice must retake the course before attempting to pass the exam for a third time. The student is only required to pay a $50 retake fee in order to retake the course.

(As per TREC rule §535.65)

(i) Subsequent final course examination.

  1. If a student fails a final course examination, a provider may permit the student to take a subsequent final examination only after the student has:
    1. waited at least three calendar days; and
    2. completed any additional course work prescribed by the provider.
  2. A student shall complete the subsequent final examination no later than the 90th day after the date the original class concludes. The subsequent final examination must be a different version of the original final examination given to the student and must comply with §535.62(b)(1)(G) and subsection (h) of this section.
  3. If a student fails to timely complete the subsequent final examination as required by this subsection, the student shall be automatically dropped from the course with no credit.
  4. A student who fails the final course examination a second time is required to retake the course and the final course examination.

For more information, please visit the TREC website - Learn More

Timeline for Taking Class Exams

Effective Immediately - Please read the following before taking your online exams.

Per TREC rules, a 30-hour Qualifying Education or Sales Agent Apprenticeship Education (SAE) course exam should not be accessed until the required amount of TREC course hours have been spent in the course. A TREC day is considered 12-hours, therefore a 30-hour course exam should not be accessed until 2.5 days after you have registered for any 30-hour course. If you have registered for multiple 30-hour courses, each subsequent exam should be 2.5 days after you finished the previous exam. Please see chart below for required exam dates:

Course: Start Date: Exam Date:
Course 1 Day 1 Day 3
Course 2 Day 1 Day 5
Course 3 Day 1 Day 8
Course 4 Day 1 Day 10
Course 5 Day 1 Day 13
Course 6 Day 1 Day 15

You may take multiple exams in a day BUT only after the requisite time period elapses. For example, you could take exams for courses 1, 2, and 3 on the 8th day or anytime convenient for you after the 8th day.

Champions School of Real Estate has updated our online exam system to adhere to the above time frame. If you have any questions or concerns about this new rule, please do not hesitate to contact us. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for choosing Champions School of Real Estate!

TREC Announces Extension For All License Holders Affected By Hurricane Harvey

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the Texas Real Estate Commission and the Texas Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board (the Agency) extended all deadlines for two months for all license holders and applicants statewide with license expiration or application deadlines in August and September. This extension ended on October 31, 2017.

After careful assessment of the significant impact and damage sustained by our license holders, the Agency has decided to further extend application and renewal deadlines by an additional four months for those in the 60-county disaster area declared by Governor Abbott.

License holders who live in the affected counties with licenses set to expire August 31, 2017 through January 31, 2018, will be extended until February 28, 2018.

Initial applicants who live in the affected counties with applications set to expire August 21, 2017 through February 27, 2018, will also be extended until February 28, 2018.

PearsonVue, the exam provider for all license applications, has been notified of these changes.

If you or someone you know is looking for recovery help, be sure to check out the Texas A&M Real Estate Center's Resource Guide for all the latest information.

We extend our best wishes to all those affected by the storm and hope for each a full recovery.

60-County Disaster Area - Read More

For More Information on this Extension - Click Here