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Real Estate Industry Information

Texas Real Estate Commission School Information

Classroom courses:

TREC Provider Number 0005

Correspondence courses provide through Tomball College:

TREC Provider Number 0123

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Real Estate License Enrollment Policy

TREC Course numbers
Course Name TREC Number Course Name TREC Number
Basic Appraisal Principles 0212 Real Estate Finance 1 0421
Basic Appraisal Practices 0212 Real Estate Finance 2 0422
Brokerage 0711 Real Estate Finance 3 0423
Commercial Real Estate 0531 Real Estate Finance 4 0424
Investment Strategy 0911 Real Estate Law 0311
Law of Agency 1111 Real Estate Principles 1 0111
Law of Contracts 1200 Real Estate Principles 2 0112
Market Analysis & Highest & Best Use 0213 Real Estate Principles 3 0113
Marketing 1 0511 Residential Appraisal 0221
Marketing 2 0521 Residential Construction Related Hours for Brokerís Licensing Only
Marketing 3 0523 Residential Inspection 1021
Math 1 0611 Residential Site Valuation 0214
Property Management 0811
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Salesperson Pre-license Requirements

180 Hours of core approved Education
  • Law of Agency - 30 Hours
  • Law of Contracts - 30 Hours
  • Principles of Real Estate I - 30 Hours
  • Principles of Real Estate II - 30 Hours
  • Real Estate Finance - 30 Hours
  • Promulgated Contract Forms - 30 hours
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Broker Pre-license Requirements

Minimum 4 Years salesperson experience and 900 Hours of Core Approved Education
  • 270 Hours in Core approved topics
  • 630 hours related hours.
    • A College degree may give you the maximum credit of 630 hours related hours.
    • or you must take courses in core approved topics.
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Salesperson Annual Education (SAE) Requirements

30-90 hours based on when license was received.
  • If you were licensed before September 1st, 2012 and are renewing for the first time, you must take two 30-hour core Texas SAE courses.
    • any two 30-hour core approved course that you have not taken before will meet this requirement.
  • If you were licensed after September 1st, 2012, you must take three 30-hour core Texas SAE courses during the first two year of licensure.
    • any three 30-hour core approved course that you have not taken before will meet this requirement
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Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) Requirements

15 hours of MCE courses
  • 6 of the 15 hours must include 3 hours of legal and 3 hours of ethics.
  • MCE must be taken every 2 years after SAE requirements are satisfied.
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