Sizzle with Synergy

What is Synergy? Definition of synergy put very basically is the term to describe "a situation where the final outcome of a system is greater than the sum of its parts".

  • A mutually advantageous situation where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • A dynamic state in which combined action is favored over the sum of individual component actions.

Synergy usually happens when two persons with different complimentary skills cooperate. You don’t get just the benefit of 2 persons but it multiplies exponentially to the extent of receiving at minimum 4 times the feedback of individuals. Corporate synergy incorporates two distinct results:

  • increased revenue through combined efforts of all employees of the company
  • and in terms of management the outcome being team building and the working together and combined effort of individuals as participants of the team.

There can be positive or negative synergy outcomes. Positive synergy is the effect of "social facilitation" to the benefit of the company or person. Negative energy would have an outcome of "social loafing".

A cost synergy refers to the combined corporate entity to reduce or eliminate expenses associated with running a business. Cost synergies are realized by eliminating positions that are viewed as duplicate. This is related to the economic concept of Economies of Scale.

Putting Synergy into Your Career

  1. Tell your family, tell your friends, "do you know of anyone you can link with for real estate opportunities?" They have your best interest at heart. They may surprise you with the information they know.
  2. Join clubs, organizations and advisory boards. This is basic to a successful pipeline of leads. You must have a leadership role in those positions so you establish the credibility you need for lead referrals from its members.
  3. Online networking has proven to be successful. Professional sites like Linkedin are an online vehicle for additional visibility.
  • In all three examples you have achieved the social facilitation of a dynamic state in which combined action is favored over the sum of individual component actions.

Make Your Career Sizzle

Definition of Sizzle – red hot - characterized by intense emotion or interest or excitement. Dazzle them with enthusiasm when you are contemplating "customer service".

The following is an "incomplete list" of Sizzling Steps to Success in your Career this year:

Don't ever answer the question, "how is real estate these days?" with anything other than, "we couldn’t be in a better city or state for buying or selling". "You couldn’t use a better agent than me, if you have a real estate need."

Stay Current – it is not enough to say positive things about yourself, your company, your community, you need to have facts in writing to show and demonstrate.

Not only must we read the daily business section of our local newspaper, or online paper but also we must deepen our knowledge by subscribing to new trade journals, scanning message boards related to our field.

Fear Not the Blog – you may get the inside scoop on your industry’s direction or even your company’s reputation. Want to start out today with a new sizzle? Go to or

Dress Like You Want to Become – "people who get comfortable in their jobs or income stream, get comfortable in their attire." A casual wardrobe signals a casual approach to work. Dress with the look you desire to become this year. Sizzle has no place for drizzled attire.

Be a Mentor – in addition to giving back, it helps you decide what your skills are and what knowledge might be lacking in your personal performance. It also allows you to pick and choose people you would like to add to your office or personal team.

Associate with Doers – be seen with people who the manager/owner praises in public. Invite that person to lunch; ask them for advice and their evaluation of what you might do to become better. Have an open mind to a personal critique. It can do wonders if you act on it.

If you are hanging out with someone who has a negative attitude about the business you are in expect you have just reduced your personal income by exponential numbers.

Negative energy would have an outcome of “social loafing”. Negative statements on your desk plaques, coffee mugs, bumper sticker and such can cause people to think you are not a professional. "I don’t do Mondays"…"A clean desk is a sick mind"…remove them with positive, friendly and professional indicators of who you want to be regarded as.

Roll Up Your Sleeves – a person who plans to make a positive impression either in the office, in a meeting never thinks or says "that is not my job". You do what needs to be done. From making coffee for others to cleaning out the storage room. You can be assured this character trait whether positive or negative is noticed by others…you can determine will it be a positive character trait or a negative character trait I am exhibiting.

The Power of Synergy and Sizzle = Success