Achieving Personal Success

Personal success is derived by the way one uses their talents and uniqueness to the best of their ability. Growth and opportunities await those who desire a fulfilled life and are willing to work and work and then work some more. Mastering career success depends solely on you; your character, your drive, your achievements, your potential to succeed in spite of your perceived limitations. The following career management characteristics are the architectural blueprints for designing your individual success.

Starting day one by performing and demonstrating a high level work ethic leaves a lasting impression and is the first important step for anyone in real estate or any new career position. First impressions often leave a life long effect on your employer, associates, or relatives. Some general guidelines for indicating a strong and positive impression from the start would be to arrive early and stay late. No one has ever been minimized by a sincere work ethic.

Demonstrate interest in your new career by asking your broker, supervisor, or other team members for information or their guidance, and ask, "what can I do to help you?"" By offering to help others, you always get more back in return. Seeking help or assistance does not show weakness; it demonstrates intelligence. Seek a mentor for a faster learning curve.

Don't expect to take over as Top Producer of your office in 6 months. This is a worthy goal that begins growing on day 1 but at the same time unrealistic. In sales or any career, take the time to soak up the new information you are being presented, become a sponge until you have the personal power to be courageous and drive your career forward. Your personal objectives should not be self-limiting. Develop your vision of what you want your passion to become. Make sure your vision and goals contribute to the well-being of others in your circle of life.

Everyone has personal power. Manage your personal power so you respond to events in a logical, controlled manner. People may expect certain behaviors of you based upon past events or their own personal experiences. Do not let any negative expectations have an effect on you or your performance. You are the architect of your success so don't allow your mindset to be self-limiting.

Picture yourself lucky. Tell people you are lucky knowing that it is the practice and implementation of proven strategies that make you lucky. By keeping your attitude positive and dealing with fear of failure in a logical manner you will inspire others and yourself. The fear of failure in any career is always present. By understanding the steps to self talk for overcoming or dealing with fear, fear will work for you.

Universal methods for sales persons to deal with fear:

  • Self talk: "I have done this before and the outcome was positive. I can do it again and I will achieve the same positive results."
  • Self talk: "I know there are always going to be days where I don't have prospects contacting me so I need to prepare on those days because some days I am overloaded with prospects."
  • Self talk: "I have always been a successful person at whatever I do. I can do this new career in real estate."

FEAR: False Expectations Appear Real

There are basic no-no's in any office atmosphere. Here are a few to consider.

  • Do not join an office clique - be a team player who is appreciative and appreciated by everyone.
  • Do not discuss politics with anyone except a political group you have joined who share your same political beliefs.
  • Respect the chain of command: Everyone has a boss. The new person can't change anything in the office upon arrival. Don't give advice or demands to the hierarchy until you have achieved credibility.
  • Get to know the organization, understand its mission and vision for you, the company and community. If it is not compatible with your environment and ethics, go to another company.
  • Be guided by the overall signals you receive in the office. If co-workers wear business attire, being informal in dress would set you apart as less business-like. Adapt to the signals and be guided by them.
  • Being flexible is an essential to personal and professional success. The ability to recognize and respond to sales opportunities on a moment's notice is an asset in sales. Helping out an associate is another example of being flexible.

Life and career success is created by the blueprint you design. It can be small-minded, self-limiting and passionless. It can be large, filled with exciting new environments and challenges. The layout of your career is in your attitude, motivation, energy, open-mindedness and passion.