Now is the Time to Be in Sales in Texas

Why Be Your Own Boss?

Because whatever hours and effort you put into your day, you get the direct benefit of the end result, not your superior. Being in commissioned sales is not for everyone but people who enjoy the freedom of making their own scheduled appointments and only having to report to themselves are prime players for a career in real estate, mortgage lending, marketing sales, professional inspection or certified appraisal. They are all entrepreneurs in their chosen careers.

When considering a career in real estate there are different avenues available. Residential real estate is still primarily the chosen field for women. There is about a 65% female to 35% male ratio in residential sales. In commercial real estate the percentages are almost reversed.

In the mortgage lending profession it is almost a 50/50 split between female and male loan officers or mortgage brokers. You can believe that professional male inspectors outnumber females dramatically but there are women who love the outdoor atmosphere which inspecting properties offers.

Appraisers tend to be analytically inclined. Appraisers are generally the male gender although, like professional inspectors, there are many accomplished female appraisers. The appraisal industry has experienced an increase in educational hours that has limited the number of competitors for the business. With bank business, mortgage company business, foreclosures or bank real estate owned properties, the supply of properties to appraise is larger and the number of available appraisers fewer. That is definitely good news for these independent business professionals.

What does the future hold in real estate sales today and tomorrow?

In Forbes April 29, 2008 issue, America's Recession Proof Cities, it stated that out of 10 Recession Proof Cities, Texas has 4! San Antonio, Houston, Dallas-Ft. Worth and Austin lead the nation in affordable home prices where the values continue to rise not fall. In the Forbes article under the heading, Sunny Southern Skies, it states, "San Antonio, Austin, Houston and Dallas-Ft. Worth have benefited from historically lower home prices which have been affordable to a large segment of the population...What's more all four boast falling unemployment rates."

Dr. Gaines, Ph.D., at the Research Center of Texas A&M University recently released information disclosing that Texas is poised for a 21st Century Boom. Projected Texas population increase between 2010 - 2030 is anticipated to be 13.6 million people. These people immigrating from other states and foreign countries will need homes and offices. Being positioned for the significant increase in the real estate boom is going to be instrumental in every independent agent's success. "Texas is the fastest growing state in absolute number of people", stated Dr. Gaines.

Being experienced, educated and trained for the migration of these new homeowners into our Texas cities will be the true success stories of our residential, commercial real estate agents. Will you be ready? Now is the time.