Your New Year's Resolution Checklist

You and I made our plans for the New Year and how are we doing right now? In the event your phone, e-social media tools are not getting you the robust business you currently desire, here are some resolution checklists that will create more results for you.

  • I’ve set my Budget and Business Plan for 2011. _____

You must make a good estimate of your potential commissions based on prior year’s history. You must pull out last year’s expenses and review those in order to have a "reasonable budget". It is easier to say yes, when you feel your decision is based on data with a foundation rather than what you hope might occur.

  • Prospecting Calendar is in place and my appointments are set for 2011. _____

Personal marketing in the form of volunteering is a natural and profitable form of prospecting. What groups, clubs, charities are you a member for this New Year? It is the perfect time to get involved. Your business will grow in direct proportion to what you give back to the community.

  • It takes a lot of hard work and unspectacular preparation to get spectacular results. _____

Right now is the time to put your Marketing Plan in place. Have all e-blasts, listing pictures, contact information updated for distribution. Verify your signs are where they need to be placed and that you have all canisters filled with listing information. Look at your listing information as though you were a potential buyer. Does it entice you to want to see the house? Design a new campaign focus for the year to make sure your name exposure is always present.

  • There are only 3 activities you need to do every day. These are prospect, show and close. _____
  • Marketing that works must be personal, impersonal, and personal. Be innovative but have the basics spelled out on your daily outlook planning calendar. _____

What type of marketing are you doing? If it is impersonal (e-mail, twitter, blog), impersonal, impersonal, you’re in trouble. There must be the personal contact via groups, activities, the "reach out and touch" approach where people see you and get to rely on you as their personal agent.

  • What do you stand for? Are you demonstrating your values, education, and positive approach to sales which will set you apart from the competition? ______
  • Know how much your time is worth. This keeps us from squandering our time. My time is worth ______.
  • Review your pricing strategy for sellers for a residential CMA, or your commercial lease negotiation strategy. ______

Dust off the old reliable and take a new look at your presentation. It always needs updating and a better approach.

  • Treat your sales approach like a business. Keep good records. Have them reviewed by an outside expert for accuracy. _____
  • Have time on your calendar for your personal health and fitness. You are the wheel that turns the business vehicle. ______