How to Choose a Real Estate School

A career in real estate can be very lucrative and rewarding. If it is a career of interest to you and one you believe you can succeed in, it is very important that you begin with the best tools available. Starting a career in real estate begins with choosing the right real estate school. While there are many real state schools to choose from, choosing the right one will go a long way in launching your new career and keeping your real estate career on the road to success.

There are many important factors that you will want to research when searching for the right real estate school for you. When you are ready to start looking at real estate schools you will want to get some answers to some very basic questions.

How long the real estate school has been in business? A real estate school that has been in business for 20+ years is more likely to know the regulations of the Texas real estate market better than real estate schools who are new to the real estate education business. An established real estate school will have been engrossed in the development of the Texas real estate industry over the years and experienced the regulatory changes that have occurred over those years. Real estate schools that have been in the real estate market for a good deal of time will have a strong insight into the past, present and future of the Texas real estate market and its’ trends.

Is the real estate school recognized for its’ education? Look for real estate schools that have achieved recognition from state and national bodies. There are several awards that point to a school that has top quality staff, curriculum and instructors. The Pinnacle Award is a national award that recognizes the best real estate school across the nation. You may also want to ask what awards the staff and instructors have achieved. You want to make sure you learn from the very best in the business so be sure to ask if they hold any special positions or have been recognized by organizations like the Texas Real Estate Educators Association.

What is the quality of the instructors and curriculum? Does the real estate school write it’s own core curriculum or do they use other outside resources? When looking for a real estate school, ask about the schools curriculum and their teachers. A real estate school that writes its’ own core curriculum can keep up with the ever-changing marketplace and adapt its’ core curriculum to reflect those changes very quickly. Real estate schools that use national publications for their core curriculum often have to wait several years for their core material to reflect industry changes. Ask the real estate school how long their teachers have been with the school. Are its’ teacher’s active agents or one-time active agents? Have their teacher’s been nationally recognized by real estate organization or associations? You will want to attend a school whose teachers have been long time employees and are active agents or at one time were active agents. Teacher’s who are agents or have been agents know the industry and can provide critical insight into what it takes to create a successful real estate career.

Is the real estate school recognized by its’ peers? Is the real estate school active in the real estate community and what sort of contributions have they made to the real estate community? A good real estate school will be involved in the real estate community as well as their local community. Look to attend a real estate school that has been recognized by their peers, has won awards and is actively involved in the real estate community. There are many real estate organizations and associations that need the support and help of the community in order to succeed and continue to provide opportunities to real estate professionals. Look for a real estate school that supports these organizations and associations. Once you become an agent it is highly likely you yourself will become an active member of one of these organizations or associations.

Where do the majority of the students come from? Have the students attended the real estate school since getting their licenses or are they attending the real estate school because it offers the lowest priced education? Be wary of real estate schools offering rock bottom pricing. More often than not these real estate schools are offering such low in order to get as much business as possible. These real estate schools are not focused on the students overall educational needs and continued success. Look for real estate schools where the students are repeat customers, real estate schools whose business comes from personal referrals. The real estate business is all about referrals and there is no higher compliment than having real estate brokers and real estate agents refer others to a certain real estate school. A real estate school whose student population is based upon personal referrals is a business you can trust.

There are many factors one should take into consideration before selecting a real estate school to attend. While many real estate schools offer quick paths to a license or low priced education, you should choose a real estate school that is well established, recognized by it’s peers, involved in the real estate community and has a reputation for excellence. Look for a real estate school that you know will not only help you achieve your license but also provide you with the latest information in the market place and curriculum that is current and relevant. A real estate school you know is vested in your future and your ability to succeed in the real estate field.

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