Hold the Listings, Rule the Market

Those who hold the listings rule the marketplace; our marketplace is beginning to change dramatically. Those companies who are following the good news by economists, researchers and soothsayers are encouraging their sales force to concentrate on listings.

When we are in a demand market the broker and agent who own the listing inventory rule the territory. If your territory is not one in a price range that is robustly selling, add another territory to your target market. If your territory is not turning over as quickly as a neighboring territory, change your focus to the turnover neighborhood. Be sure and investigate the newer production home and custom home neighborhoods that are completely built-out. These homeowners are generally not committed to a resale agent. They probably connected with the on-site new home representative when they purchased and have no connection with an agent.

You rule the market through listings. This is your key to continued profit margins.

The following are suggestions for "generating listing business" in today's market.

  • Helping others achieve their goals - Be involved in your client's charities. They will give you their referrals because they can trust you.
  • Be a credit to your community - Volunteer - it helps you to achieve more visibility while helping others. You receive back more than your time.
  • Handwritten notes to everyone you have met at your volunteer and charity functions and church meetings, children's events, golf association, sporting events. You get the picture - everyone receives a personal note from you with your business card.
  • Wear your career apparel such as your tee shirt to the gym or golf shirts with your company name on the shirt to events. Career apparel, name badges, business cards are an easy conversation initiator.
  • Use your prior career contacts as your catalyst for getting your new job announced. Put their names into your e-mail and contact lists.
  • Set up an awesome website. Ask other agents if you can advertise their listings on your webpage. Give them credit as the listing brokers. The more properties accessible for viewing the better.
  • Be the "event co-coordinator" for your neighborhood celebrations. Co-ordinate the holiday parties and make sure you follow up with a "thank you for attending" note card or e-mail.
  • Become the specialist on market value in your listing territories. Help homeowners protest their property tax by giving them CMA data.
  • Contact your sources of referrals regularly. Ask them if they know of anyone who might be moving?
  • Stay in touch with your clients monthly. Staying in touch can consist of attending events where you interact with them, or sending out interesting newsletter/data information via e-mail or direct mail.

Listing for sales success must be "top of mind" day to day planning. Put your events in your calendar and be aware that everyday must include prospecting for listings. Attend at least 4 events per month. Dominate the marketplace through capturing the listings in your territories. This is your ongoing goal.