Tips for Hiring a Personal Assistant

Hiring a professional assistant can be tricky. The experienced agent doing the hiring is wanting someone to help out with the workload in order to increase the agent's business. However, there are some definite do's and don'ts the assistant must adhere to in order to keep their employer's real estate license safe.

The following should be a helpful guideline for training:

The laws and regulations of each state govern the activities of an unlicensed real estate assistant. They are also determined by office policy. Use the following as a guideline to what an unlicensed assistant can and cannot do.

Unlicensed Assistants May Not:
  • Show properties to buyers and answer real estate related questions about:
    1. Listings
    2. Closings
    3. Financing
    4. Title Issues
    5. Market Conditions
    6. Market Values
  • Host Open Houses and discuss the above information with a prospect
  • Negotiate, write or amend any transaction
  • Receive a commission or percentage of a commission based on a real estate transaction. They can receive an incentive bonus plus their salary.

Unlicensed Assistants May:

  • Answer phone calls
  • Register the prospect
  • Greet Prospects and Give General Information About the Area
  • Type letters
  • Schedule appointments
  • Assemble Closing Documents
  • Input any and all information for MLS

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