The Assessment of Your Business is Personal

It is time to assess your goals you put in place the first of the year. We are half way through the year and if you are not where you intended to be, ask yourself why not. Here are my personal suggestions for moving your business forward fast and efficiently.

As part of the process, you might call your good customers and ask them for any feedback they can give you to increase your business, the second half of the year, to the level you expect it to reach based on your good business planning and goals.

Work on your marketing program over the next 30 days. Your networking may need to expand either on the personal level or on the E-Social media level. Do an assessment of where your contacts or referrals are coming from. That is the area which deserves extra emphasis including old school "thank you notes" to those loyal persons who are helping you succeed.

Speaking of E-Social media, how does your website look? It should be easy to navigate and please make sure there is a phone number as well as e-mail contact on your home page. In today's world of technology being accessible via a mobile device is mandatory. People will contact you while traveling and they typically are using their mobile devices.

Diversification and delegation are ongoing training platforms which the business owner must consistently visit. Diversify responsibilities while at the same time cross train each associate working with you. Examine your own task list and decide what specific tasks can be delegated to a trained associate in your office.

Spend time away from your business to do better "in your business." Business owners need time to "sharpen the saw". The best new ideas for change that can take your business activity to the next level often happen while away from the daily must do on your task list. Go to the beach, the mountains or your backyard and spend time alone to get clarity on growth and development of your company. You didn't decide to become an entrepreneur by being a slave to your company.

We, as human beings, are constantly maintaining stability in our lives. We work hard to get our business to where we feel safe and comfortable. It's difficult to institute change. The most difficult challenge we have is the battle we have within ourselves to allow change to happen. If your business model is lacking what you need to bring your production and services to the next level, break the current pattern and replace it with a new pattern.

New patterns to institute change within you and your business can be time away from the business to work on yourself and your business model. Reading new literature of substance relating to your business proves fruitful. Signing up and taking a course that allows your creative juices to flow will always improve your business.

The same routines that keep us comfortable, predictable, where our ideas are safe and where our skills are sufficient will not produce lives and a company that are wise and skillful. Take a company temperature reading and make plans for change, today.