The Attitude for Being a Winner

"The most readily identifiable quality of a total winner is an overall attitude of personal optimism and enthusiasm."

Psych or mind and Soma, which is the body, are the primary role players in your development to winning. The body expresses what the mind is concentrating on according to Dr. Denis Waitley. We are told this is why hives, headaches, upset stomach are an outcome of the mind.

If your mental thoughts are positive, your body will seek to display your general good feeling with energy and a general condition of good health.

A way of life that prepares you for winning is always expect the best from yourself both physically and mentally and you are on the right path to receiving what you believe in your psych or your mind.

Tension creates anxiety. We experience that in our work a day world. Learn and practice how to stay relaxed while focused on the point of contention. Being genuinely kind with your associates while working through an anxious moment or time period will help keep the body healthy.

When experiencing a fearful event or conversation, imagine your conversation is with your good friend or favorite associate. You know your words will be thought out and not filled with negatives if you were conversing with a friend. You might even decide the issue is "not an issue after all". Time will work for your benefit every time but this doesn't mean to wait a long period before discussing the issue. Give yourself time to put all things in perspective and to formulate the best approach for "fixing the problem".

A good leader knows to expect the best from others. Keep the work and personal environment healthy through praise and encouragement.

Self-image can be changed from negative to the positive by never allowing yourself to seriously believe "I am too fat, or I see myself as unattractive, or I am just average". The winner's self-talk is "I can change, I am smart, I have control of myself, and no one else does". The saying "what you think you see is what you get" is a truism. The same is true for "if your mind or psyche says I feel sickly, chances are, you will be".

"Where there is life, there is hope."

"Where there are hopes, there are dreams."

"Where there are vivid dreams, repeated, they become goals. Winners commit to inner memory until it becomes automatic and a reality". Dr. Waitley

These are the thoughts and attitude for becoming and remaining a winner whether in your career quest or personal world.