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Getting started on a career in the mortgage industry has never been easier. In as little as 3 days you can complete your education and be well on your way to helping people navigate the real estate mortgage process and realize their dream of owning a home. By overseeing the loan process between the lender and the buyer, Loan Originators gain valuable insight into the real estate and financial industries while providing a much needed service.

Please Note - All of our Loan courses are approved by the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System (NMLS) - Provider #1400073

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22-Hour Washington License Program

Online Courses offered in Partnership with Association of Mortgage Educaters

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Required Loan Originator Courses

Each of the courses listed below are required by the NMLS in order to attain a Texas Loan Originator License. All of the courses are also available at a discounted rate when purchased together in one of the PE programs listed above.

Washington SAFE State Law

4 Credit Hours (NMLS)

Required Washington state-specific Pre-Licensure education information.

This course will provide up to date information on Washington laws essential for your development and advancement as a mortgage loan originator. Topics covered include:

  • Washington Mortgage Broker Practices Act (90 minutes).
  • Washington’s Consumer Loan Act (60 minutes).
  • Washington Mortgage and Real Estate Regulations (90 minutes).

This course contains case studies that allow you to apply concepts and facts that you’re learning to real-life situations. You will be asked to share your analysis and insights with your instructor and your cohorts in your class.

  • Textbooks / PDFs included
  • NMLS Provider #1400073
  • Approval #6427 (Online)
  • Online course is taken via a 3rd-party provider

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Important Information

Important Information Related to Washington SAFE State Law Course:

Regarding Online Loan Courses: Champions School of Real Estate has partnered with the Association of Mortgage Educators (NMLS ID # 1400214) to offer the online courses for Mortgage Pre-Licensing.

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