ChampionsLive!® Broadcast Delivery Method

Bringing the Unparalleled Classroom Experience to Your Home or Office!

Champions School of Real Estate® is Now Offering a fully interactive, real-time course broadcast system where classes are NEVER cancelled!

Champions School of Real Estate is known for keeping current with changing laws and education policies when it comes to real estate industry education. But, did you know that Champions is also committed to providing you a real estate education via the most current delivery methods? Champions School of Real Estate offers a full complement of Real Estate QE, CE, SAE, Designation, and Appraisal classes via the ChampionsLive! broadcast system. A fully interactive, real-time system, ChampionsLive! offers the unparalleled classroom experience of your local campus and instructors in online format. ChampionsLive! allows the remote student or office to participate in a class as if they were actually there!

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What is ChampionsLive!®?

By harnessing today's live video streaming technology, Champions School of Real Estate® is delivering the unparalleled classroom experience of your local campus and instructors to any device that is connected to the internet.

Try our virtual classroom delivery method and see how ChampionsLive!® Virtual Classroom - with a real teacher, in the comfort of your own home or office - is the future of learning. Students are required to attend all scheduled course sessions in full before gaining access to proctored course exams.

If you are not satisfied or if the ChampionsLive!® Virtual Classroom does not meet your expectations, you can transfer anytime. Transfers can choose a classroom at any campus or take our self-paced online-correspondence. No transfer costs. No extra proctoring charges. No hidden fees. That is the Champions Advantage.

How to Enroll for ChampionsLive!®

You can enroll with one of our experienced career counselors (by phone or in person) or by selecing Live Broadcast as your delivery method when purchasing your courses online. You can download or have your course materials shipped to you ($7 Shipping charge per book applies). Once you have enrolled, wait for the link to attend your class to be delivered directly to your email address.

Prior to the day of your class, we provide links to help you test your equipment and give you access to our Student Quick Start Guide which will prepare you for participating in a ChampionsLive!® Broadcast course. When the day of class arrives, simply click the class link in your email, and get ready to enjoy our newest and most exciting delivery method! We know you will love it!

Required to Attend

  • Driver’s License or Photo ID to be shown to the instructor/course coordinator.
  • Acceptable camera and audio equipment to participate.
    Click Here to View the Student Quick Start Guide
  • Download or have course materials shipped to you from your local campus. Course materials that are available online can be downloaded from the class information screen on in your student account:
    • Log into Champions School of Real Estate® account using your email address and password.
    • Click on the corresponding class title.
    • Under the Materials heading, click “View” next to the respective course material. Documents that are opened in view mode may also be downloaded.
    • If the course requires homework completion, the homework can be accessed on this page as well.
    • When all homework and exams have been completed (if applicable), course completion certificates can be printed from this page as well.
  • NOTE: Please ensure you have access to all provided course materials PRIOR to start time on the day of your class.
  • The URL to attend class is provided via an automated email that is sent out approximately 24-hours before class start time. The URL should be clicked and launched 20-30 minutes before class start time to make sure you can access the class without issue.
  • Arrive 10 minutes before scheduled start time if attending at a monitored location (Campus or broker’s office).
  • Documents requiring your signature will be emailed to you along with the necessary link to attend class. In order to receive credit, these documents must be returned to ChampionsLive! support personnel within 24 hours of the day that your class closes. ChampionsLive! recommends that you sign and return your course roster at the earliest possible time, to ensure that we can submit your course completion for credit in a timely manner.