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Taking Fear and Self Doubt Out of Your Road to Success

This title is a bit confusing to some as they would ask, ďfear of successĒ. I donít fear success; I fear that I wonít have success. So I would ask them, why arenít you successful?

The first step you must take to omit any concern of fear is to have a plan. In fact you must plan everything. You plan your good days, months, years and then you plan your vacation dates, haircut appointments. When you have a plan you are building a road to a successful future.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is most unsettling for everyone. When you need to go to the next level and it involves new territories, new friends, new prospecting, itís fearful. Being in the same town, same house, same office, same circle of prospects is comfortable. When you jump into the new farm area or city, itís only fearful if you donít have a plan. The thoughtful planning and instituting the plan allows for fear to be lessened. When you work the plan, the results are good and the fear begins to disappear from thoughtful planning. Plan everything!

Do what you enjoy. Many entrepreneurs became successful by starting with their hobby and turning it into their outstanding business. New people going into the professional inspector business are there because they were a very good handyman and enjoyed that type of independent activity. Today they are making a good living out of doing what they enjoyed. New real estate hopefuls often say they want a real estate career because they ďlove looking at housesĒ. Although it may sound simplistic and trite, if you donít like looking at houses and you are in real estate, itís going to be a drudgery of a job. Do what you enjoy and it will pay off.

Getting into the production mode can be a slow start. However, doing something is better than doing nothing! Some honest people may even say, they are lazy because they just canít get started. Start with the basic marketing plan you have in place and work it every single day. Once you start, you will make money off your personal sense of consistency.

Be consistent in everything you do. Have a routine. Stick to the routine.

Hold yourself accountable. You must have a set goal that you desire to attain. Put it in writing and then set out to achieve that goal. Being accountable to yourself means demanding effort, honesty from yourself about how you use or waste your time. Donít allow time to go by without any type of results. Be a strict task master on yourself.

Do away with distractions. Turn off your cell phone, e-mail, tv, radio. Concentrate on your task at hand until itís completed. Distractions are excuses we put in front of us or in our environment so we excuse ourselves from working in our business.

Be a self - promoter. Successful people will tell you how believeable, caring, service oriented they are. Then they demonstrate their words with their actions. In sales we are continuously self- promoting. Itís part of our job description. If someone were doing an annual review on you, what grade would you get on self promotion?

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