Words from Rita: The More You Learn, The More You Earn


The More You Learn, The More You Earn and Knowledge is Power

These two statements we use on Champions School of Real Estate materials for our customers who are moving into a new career in real estate, mortgage lending, inspection or appraisal. It works for every industry and every career if you take the meanings to heart.

Self-confidence is the key to claiming any job and keeping that job. When self-confidence in yourself or your activity is lacking, people either fire themselves or they may be asked to resign by management as their lack of self-confidence is demonstrated through inappropriate work ethics and other obvious signs.

How do you gain self-confidence? You do research in whatever it is that you need to know more about. If you take the initiative to read, learn, ask questions and implement your newly learned information, then you will gain self-confidence.

Let’s say you lack self-confidence in your communication skills. There are many classes in that area available, including how to negotiate. We offer these through out Professional Development Classes. The next step after learning the technique of good communications is to practice what you have learned. The more one can see the benefit of the knowledge they have gleaned, the more ready they are to try the same practices over and over.

Perhaps you are not sure about speaking up in a meeting, at church, or in any group situation. Take a class in public speaking and learn the techniques that allow your brain and body to work together in tandem to relieve the nervous jitters. Learn the correct posturing for public speaking and then, practice, practice, practice! Being in front of a group and speaking easily adds credibility and strength to your image. When in the situation of being interviewed for a new position of promotion, having a steady voice, not being shaky and having posture in the right position, you have just added extra strength to your getting the new promotion.

When you embark on a new career, you need ot know all about the job requirements and what typical tasks are involved in that area of business. Reading, asking questions and training will allow you to understand the day-to-day expectations, demands and benefits of that career. When you have this knowledge, you feel more in control of yourself during your working hours. The team of associates you interface will feel the confidence you demonstrate and they too will know that if they are away from the office, you will help keep everything running smoothly. Everyone appreciates a person who demonstrates self-confidence.

The more you learn, the more valuable you become and the more valuable you become, the more you earn. Knowledge is power in that it allows you to become the “go to person” for your customers and team of professionals. the person with the knowledge is the one a company never wants to lose.

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