Words from Rita: He who holds the listings, rules!


The summer is now arriving and along with the warmer weather there will be hotter sales!

Historically, the late spring and early summer are robust months for agents. Right now the best time spent during your work day is to prospect for listings. Years back there was a saying, “he who holds the listings, rules” and in this new market, that saying is certainly true.

Remember, when prospecting and showing to always demonstrate your intelligence by getting your client’s name pronounced and  then spelled correctly. When filling out a listing or sales contract, be sure the spelling is accurate and all blanks are filled in.  Recently, a multi-million dollar buyer  stated, that he felt he had the wrong agent because names were misspelled, and blanks left unchecked on the offer. He asked the agent to have the broker review everything because his confidence factor was missing. We never know the impressions we are making by our simple actions.  Years of experience and education can be diminished by simple mistakes.
Nothing is better than knowledge! And our works completed with accuracy demonstrate our intelligence.

The market is hot for listings! Make that a priority this month and this day!

– Rita Santamaria

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