Use Education to Boost Your Career


Your career is defined by you and your vision of success.

When you think about your success and your future successes, first list your current “aha moments”. What are the specifics you are most proud of? Always keep in mind you have successes in your personal world as well as your public or business world.  Often our personal successes with family, children, and friends help us overcome a disappointing business situation. Without question, when baby starts walking, talking and mom and dad gets to bask in the joy of that moment all other negativities are gone.  When your teen wins a sports tournament, or your child makes cheerleading, or college entrance, all other daily woes from business are temporarily taken away from your brain.

These daily personal successes should get you motivated for the next day in your business career; however, if your career needs some re-creating, or improvement, start with your own personal analysis of how committed you are to your business model. Do you get enthused about the prospect of another sale? If the answer is no, you need a career boost. If you are rewarded in your career with a sale and you are ho-hum about it, your career needs a boost.  If the overall results of a good work day don’t give you the enthusiasm to go away from the day feeling satisfaction in yourself, you need a boost.

What are the boosters? Boosters are more education. Taking classes in everything from specific career coaching to learning a new sport, or volunteering in a different area can give you a boost. Many people start getting stale in their career and the new information they learn from a class gives them the best enhancement to their tiredness.

If you try different directions per the above for changing the direction of your career, and still nothing is different, you probably need a new career. Most people change careers 3 times in their lives. It is unusual to keep the same career forever. Go to seminars, attend career fairs and ask questions about the different careers represented. Take a personality test to see what you genetically find more interesting and then move towards that direction which parallels your basic personality traits. Give yourself the financial budget to make the change by keeping your current job until you can make the change from former career to new business.

Take the Champions School of Real Estate Professional Development course to brush-up on your professional skills. The course also tells you about your personality, how to communicate, how to prepare for the job interview and many areas of education that will only make you better.

Rita Santamaria is the owner of Champions School of Real Estate and Champions Professional Development. Rita was recently honored by the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce as one of three Texas honorees for 2013 Business Woman of the Year.

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