The speed of business today requires professional real estate agents to have a level of mobility and knowledge of technology and products available. Agents have been capable for several years to create transaction documents using many different programs. UELA and ESIGN In the past, agents would write offers and contracts using online programs and then print or email the documents for their clients to sign. In recent years, thanks to the Uniform Electronic Signature Act and the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, signatures given electronically are considered valid. This change in law and improvement in technology has …

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Evernote: A Tool for Mobile Agents

Posted on December 27, 2013
Byron Underwood

Remember the good ol’ days? The ones before cell phones and even way back… before computers? I remember as a kid going for the first time to Walt Disney World in Florida. I couldn’t wait to ride Space Mountain. Wow! I believe we made a bee-line to it from the front gate. Even though we endured an hour-plus long wait to get on this futuristic space journey, it was all it was advertised. I loved Space Mountain! What has stuck with me all these years were some of the predictions, or what I thought really… promises, about the coming computer …

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