Fear of Success

Posted on April 30, 2012

Signs of self-sabotaging your relationships and your business and personal goals are demonstrating your fears of success. Why do we have fear? We feel vulnerable to new environments, situations, and people. Getting to the point of success can expose our weaknesses and make us come face to face with our flaws; therefore, we maneuver around what could be successful opportunities. The fear of success is very real and often happens when you are moving forward in your life. The future is what we are talking about and we are all heading in that direction. We just don’t know how to …

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This title is a bit confusing to some as they would ask, “fear of success”. I don’t fear success; I fear that I won’t have success. So I would ask them, why aren’t you successful? The first step you must take to omit any concern of fear is to have a plan. In fact you must plan everything. You plan your good days, months, years and then you plan your vacation dates, haircut appointments. When you have a plan you are building a road to a successful future. Stepping out of your comfort zone is most unsettling for everyone. When …

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