Social Media Posts for Real Estate Part 2 | Inspiration Series


Social Media Post Inspiration



Sometimes we need a little inspiration when it comes to social media content.  Over the coming months, I’ll be sharing a few ideas for content themes and possible ideas.  Make sure to come back to these whenever you’re creative juices aren’t flowing – these should help!


After all, we can all “get by with a little help from [our] friends!”  Let me know if these helped you and what other social media tips and tricks you could find handy. – Karla




Best Restaurants

  • Scour local community review sites for restaurants in your area that have generally good reviews – cross-check them and create a post highlighting their signature dishes and story!
  • Are there any restaurants that are historically associated with your area?  Why not highlight them and learn a little bit more about their ties to local history.
  • People Love Lists – why not a top ten list for a particular type of cuisine?  Extra points for blogs linking over to the restaurant websites – they may just repost!




Blog Posts

  • Find local influential bloggers and highlight them to offer unique perspectives on your community from other local experts
  • If you are showing a house in a certain area, why not post a blog someone else has written about the neighborhood (if it’s available – if not, do some research and write it yourself





Celebrity Real Estate

  • This speaks for itself – go online and do a quick google search for “celebrity real estate” and have fun sharing.  We all can dream, right?






Color Combos

  • People are constantly looking for fun new color combos to decorate their living spaces with… take a look at these great sites for ideas and search Pinterest for the combinations!







Community Events

  • Most local news stations have event calendars – check them out and, when you have time, attend them!  Take pictures, tell people you’ll be highlighting them and give them a card to your site/blog/social media – everyone likes being seen and you’ll drive more traffic over to their number one real estate resource – YOU





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