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Social Media Post Inspiration


Sometimes we need a little inspiration when it comes to social media content.  Over the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing a few ideas for content themes and possible ideas.  Make sure to come back to these whenever you’re creative juices aren’t flowing – these should help!


After all, we can all “get by with a little help from [our] friends!”  Let me know if these helped you and what other social media tips and tricks you could find handy. – Karla




Advice for Buying a Home

  • Inform buyers on what they need to be prepared with to purchase a home.  Did you know that millennials, for example, are more likely not to know about closing costs? Prepare your buyers with information about the the buying process,
  • Compile and answer “Frequently Asked Questions” about purchasing a hope – set yourself up to be perceived as their local real estate guru.
  • Lists –> What to do if you’re gearing up to buy a home
  • Lists –> What NOT to do if you’re gearing up too buy a home




Advice for Homeowners

  • Neighborhood information – highlight local businesses, parks, events in your area. Whether your blog, share photos or more, there are a lot of ways to get creative with this!
  • Seasonal reminders – provide timely and preventative advice, with connections to local businesses who can help them keep their home (and it’s value) up.
  • Fun ideas for Holiday Fun (you can take to Pinterest for this – there are literally thousands of ideas!





Advice for Selling a Home

  • What advice would you give someone thinking about selling their home?  Make a list of the top ten things that come to mind – You can easily make a weekly tip, blog or video just based off of these things alone!
  • Lists –> What to do if you’re gearing up to sell a home
  • Lists –> What NOT to do if you’re gearing up to sell a home
  • Moving Tips







  • Architecture – both local and elsewhere – stimulate a sense of wonder and excitement.  Share iconic architectural landmarks, impressive buildings or homes and anything else that strikes your fancy. Letting people know that you’re relatable (or taking the opportunity to compare several types of architectural homes to gauge your audience’s taste) in enjoying the beauty of architecture.  








  • Share photos and highlight the latest technologies in fixtures, dream bathrooms (again, Pinterest is a treasure for these – if you looked at my Pinterest board you would think I had two mansions and a vacation home!) 
  • Opulent bathrooms
  • Modern Bathrooms




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