Six Keys to Unlocking Opportunities with Today’s Home Buyers


6 Key Trends that Search Reveals

Don’t you love Google?  Well the smart minds over at Think with Google have crunched the data taken from their search results and turned out some incredibly interesting home search trends that are valuable pieces of information for real estate professionals.

Well Champions, according to Google, “home buyers are dealing with a lot of change, and their shopping habits and brand loyalties will likely shift dramatically. It’s an opportunity for brands in real estate, CPG, luxury, financial services and more to strongly influence their purchasing decisions.”  

Since the key is knowing where consumers are and what they’re looking for in order to come up with an appropriate response,  here are six trends to remember:

  • Every year, searches for real estate-related terms peak in July—a sign that people are out house hunting. Be there to meet this seasonal rise in demand. Remind them throughout the long process with remarketing.
  • Millennials are likely to make their long-awaited entrance into market soon. Understand what this audience cares about and appeal to them with relevant messaging.
  • More people (especially millennials) are relying on mobile devices throughout the process—from finding a home to financing it. Help them find what they’re looking for through mobile ads and extensions such as location and click-to-call.
  • Small and mobile homes are becoming an appealing option, even for high-income buyers. Think about ways you can address this new, growing market. Explore Search data to learn what else interests these consumers and use it to shape co-marketing opportunities, cross-promotions, creative executions and media buys.
  • While they’re looking for homes, people are also looking for interior design ideas, often turning to video for inspiration. Post home tour videos to YouTube to make it easy for them to get an in-depth look at listings.
  • Vintage is all the rage in interior design. Help people get that retro, one-of-a-kind look with the products you offer and the content you create.

The takeaways they have provided are incredibly useful for planning purposes – what changes will you make in your digital marketing strategy to align with these key home search results?  How will you explore google metrics to reach the digital consumer?  What courses will you take to improve your digital savvy? 

At Champions School of Real Estate, one of our core beliefs is that “now is the time.”  Now is truly the time to by strategic with your digital marketing efforts!

 The full report, which is well worth a thorough reading, is full of charts and data backing up these key takeaways – take a look by clicking here to download!

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