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This week, our selections cover one major theme: millennials. Likely the most studied generation to date, U.S. Census Bureau statistics show that at 80 million plus, there are plenty of them to study – they are  “the largest cohort size in history!” In this Real Estate Now, we’ve selected a few real estate industry articles relating to millennials. Don’t forget, there’s something for everyone to read, so make sure to share what articles resonated with you the most over at the Champions School of Real Estate Facebook and Twitter pages!

1. In Home Buying Game Show, the House Always Wins First ads from Arnold target millennials

“In a complex and stressful housing market, you shouldn’t go it alone. By engaging real estate professionals, prospective buyers can avoid potential pitfalls and emerge as winners when shopping for a home.”

2. 4 Tips for Millennials Trying to Break Into the Real Estate World

“While a lot of people consider real estate investing an “old man’s game,” I am here to tell you as a Millennial that this simply isn’t true.”

3. Millennials thinking small for affordable housing

Harvard law student Pete Davis says he wants to live in his own tiny house someday. In the meantime, getting a taste of the lifestyle now — by offering it to others — has been an unexpectedly successful venture for him.”

4. How Millennials are Transforming the Homebuying Process

“For decades, the telephone has been the real estate agent’s tool of the trade. But a new wave of younger homebuyers is changing the way agents use those phones. Millennials, those born between 1980 and the late ’90s don’t want to talk. They want texts.” 

5. 11 Must-Haves to Sell to the Millennial Buyer

“Together, these 2 generations represent today’s young buyers, and broadly speaking, they tend to fall into 1 of 2 categories, says Margie Gundersheim, a Realtor with Keller Williams in Newton, Massachusetts.”

There’s something for everyone to read, so make sure and share what articles resonated the most with you over at the Champions School of Real Estate facebook and twitter pages! Enjoy your read — see you next week! Do you have a response or is there a relevant article I should have included? Send me an email with all questions, opinions and suggestions to!

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