Real Estate News Roundup: May 26 Edition


Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! This week’s round up brings us Speed Dating for Real Estate, how some Realtors specialize in “nightmare homes,” how tech and real estate are rising together and more! All in all, we gathered a varied assortment of real estate news from Wall Street Journal, Inman News, KSHB Kansas City, The Washington Post, ABC News and Business  Insider.

There’s something for everyone to read, so make sure and share what articles resonated the most with you over at the Champions School of Real Estate facebook and twitter pages! Enjoy your morning read – see you next week!


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>> In Real Estate, Branded Content Is News (Wall Street Journal)

Big-name real estate services firms are joining the rush of businesses into new types of marketing that blur the lines between journalism and branding…


>>Speed dating for real estate: New concept launching in Kansas City (KSHB Kansas City) 

Chartwell Realty Company came up with the “7 Day Homes Tour” when they discovered a problem: too many potential buyers and not enough homes to sell.

So, starting this summer, they’ll launch the 7 day tour where homes will only go on the market for one week…


>> Real estate and tech rise together, but a ‘correction’ is coming (inman News) 

Real estate professionals generally prefer interest rates to stay low because they make mortgages more affordable for buyers. But there’s a larger picture to consider, according to a prominent economist.

The economy is doing well, but there’s a “correction” coming, likely after the inauguration of the next president in 2017…


>> My life inside the luxury real estate bubble (Business Insider) 

The section of the magazine was called Real Escapes and in 2005 I was in charge of it, despite having never owned any real estate in my life…


>> $75,000 will get you a lot of house in Havana — if you’re Cuban (The Washington Post) 

But with the two countries moving to restore diplomatic relations and end decades of estrangement, it is not difficult to imagine a day when pent-up global market forces will wash over this city’s sagging buildings and mansions in distress. Cubans are already angling to get ahead of the flood…


>> Real Estate Impossible: Selling Nightmare Homes (ABC News) 

You are going to meet a real estate agent who carries a firearm with him to work. That’s because he’s no ordinary agent. These are no ordinary houses he’s selling. They are crammed to the gills with trash filled and sometimes illegal squatters. Who buys these kinds of properties and should they be something for you to consider?






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