Real Estate News Roundup: June 3rd Edition


This last month has been a difficult throughout our great state of Texas and I think everyone will join me in expressing our excitement that it has stopped RAINING! There was a statistic that stated that May’s rains completely reversed the 5-year drought that many areas had been experiencing.  Our thoughts go out to those affected by these recent storms.

That being said, this week’s round up brings us brings us a little bit on how the rain affected Houston-area real estate, what the U.S. 20 Hottest Real Estate Markets are, why Becoming a Real Estate Agent for the Ultra Rich could be a lucrative option and more! All in all, we gathered a varied assortment of real estate news from AOL Real Estate, 680 News, Inman, Investopedia, the Houston Chronicle and

There’s something for everyone to read, so make sure and share what articles resonated the most with you over at the Champions School of Real Estate facebook and twitter pages! Enjoy your morning read – see you next week!


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In Brief…

>> How to Invest in Real Estate Without Buying Property (AOL Real Estate) – By Kira Brecht

Concerns about the potential impact of higher interest rates have sent real estate investment trusts on a roller coaster ride this year, after chalking up double-digit gains in 2014. Despite their recent fickle behavior, however, this asset class belongs in the diversified portfolios of long-term investors, experts say. What’s more, the volatility could provide a buying opportunity…


>> Role of real estate agents evolving to keep pace with changes in technology (680 News)  – by Alexandra Posadzki

But with reams of data now online and virtual tours available at the click of a mouse, the role of real estate agents has started to evolve, with more agents expanding their repertoires to include services like staging and professional photography…


>> Help homebuyers understand real estate’s secret ‘free lunch’ (inman)  – by Tim Harris

What do the nation’s top producers know that you don’t? How did they achieve their top-producing sales success, and what secrets can you learn from them to follow in their footsteps? These are significant questions — and at first glance you might think they are unanswerable…


>> The 20 Hottest U.S. Real Estate Markets in May 2015 (  – By Cicely Wedgeworth

The housing market is chugging ahead, with even higher home prices and more buyer activity—and in May, we’re seeing more than the ordinary seasonal uptick…


>>Become A Real Estate Agent For The Ultra Rich (Investopedia)  – By Jean Folger

Real estate agents who are generalists work with anyone on any type of real estate transaction. In contrast, specialists focus their efforts on one particular real estate niche – whether that’s fixer-upper Victorian homes, foreclosures, the local senior condominium market or luxury properties of the ultra-rich…


>> Floods leave a trail of real estate complications (Houston Chronicle)  – By Nancy Sarnoff

Realtor Amy Bernstein has been fielding calls from clients of her real estate firm who suffered damage to their homes in last week’s devastating floods…




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