Real Estate News Roundup: April 15 Edition


One theme popped up several times in this weeks round up – the future.  There was talk of the future of the role of the real estate agent, the near future in CRE, the future of real estate marketing.  It seems the experts are all weighing in with positives: the future is looking good!

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>> 6 Last-Minute Real Estate Tax Tips for Total Procrastinators ( 

April 15. No other date inspires such paralyzing anxiety. Glaring from the pages of your calendar, it’s an ever-present reminder that Uncle Sam wants—no, needs—you to file your taxes. Well, you don’t have much time left. So get busy! Whether you own or rent, there are real-estate-related tax savings for all to claim—if you file on time…

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>>  How The Under 30 Network Scored $15 Million For Placester’s Real Estate Tech (Forbes)

Venture capital investors have plenty of data and metrics to inform their decisions. They can run background checks, interview founders and get their hands on a company’s books. But sometimes they also need a bit of luck. That recommended company was Placester, a player in real estate tech that Gupta and his firm backed in its seed round…

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>>  Pete Flint: The role of the real estate agent will change ‘surprisingly little’ in next 5 years (Inman News)

[Interview] Pete Flint sits on the Zillow Group Board of Directors as the Trulia founder. He answered some questions for Inman about life at Trulia before the merger with Zillow to form Zillow Group…

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>> New forecast: Three more years of commercial real estate boom (Dallas Morning News)

The U.S. commercial property market has been expanding since 2010, following a sharp downturn during the recession. Industry leaders surveyed by the Washington, D.C.-based Urban Land Institute are anticipating the current property market boom will continue through at least 2017…

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>> What Does the Future of Real Estate Marketing Look Like? (

What has to be understood is that most of the properties that are available for sale or for rent are now presented online. With this in mind, it is really important to set up a really good website that’s appealing and loads quickly, with a huge focus on the property itself…

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>> Texas Home Prices Climb Likely To Continue (KBTX)

Recent home price indices (HPI) all indicate another increase in Texas home prices, a trend that will likely continue for a while, says an economist with the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University…

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