Real Estate News Now: September 26, 2016


In this Real Estate Now, we share articles about the hottest trend in housing (and how it may have taken its cues from the middle ages), a comparison of what $175 million will get you on either side of this beautiful country of ours,  a comprehensive guide on how a “give-to-get” real estate marketing plan could help you and more!

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1.  The ‘new housing crisis’ is already slowly being solved

“But from the start of 2010 through the second quarter of 2016, the percentage of homes with a mortgage that went underwater — when the outstanding loan becomes higher than the value of the home — plunged from 25.9% to 7.1%, noted Jonathan Woloshin, a strategist at UBS. This happened as home prices recovered from their trough in the early 2010s and could hold the key to solving the housing market’s current problem.”

2.  With a Busy Fall Real Estate Season Around the Corner, Housing Market is Moving Deeper into Buy Territory

“Fall traditionally brings cooler temperatures and the second busiest seasons for buying and selling a home. As the summer winds down, indications are that the United States housing market as a whole is moving marginally deeper into buy territory, suggesting that, on average, the majority of housing markets around the country are in good shape and remain a sound investment.”

3.  The Hot New Millennial Housing Trend Is a Repeat of the Middle Ages

“It wasn’t always like this. Living arrangements have been changing for thousands of years, and the concept of the nuclear family originated relatively recently. Even as the economy has moved away from the sort of agricultural labor that would encourage large households, people still have just as much of a need for the support of friends, family, and neighbors. Perhaps that is why so many people today—from young coders to lonely septuagenarians to families—are experimenting with communal living, a way of life that, whether they know it or not, echoes how things worked for most of human history.”

4.  Five Trends Affecting Commercial Real Estate: Looking Ahead to 2017

“The U.S. Federal Reserve made it clear last December that the central bank sees U.S. growth as relatively stable, notching the federal funds rate higher by a quarter point. Nevertheless, underlying inflation is extremely tame in the U.S. and in major emerging markets (with worries of deflation in some sectors and countries), providing no impetus for significantly higher rates. Lending rates and fixed-income rates of return will still be very low by historical standards, inducing continued levered purchases of real estate assets.”

5.  What $175 million buys in real estate: East Coast vs. West Coast

“In Los Angeles’ hotbed of high-end real estate, $175 million can buy part of a grand estate with 50,000 square feet and a pedigree that includes legendary business magnates and iconic films. But across the country, a mint’s worth of money makes a different kind of splash.”

6.  Your comprehensive ‘give-to-get’ real estate marketing plan

“What is give-to-get-marketing? The idea is simple: When you give to others, others give back to you. It’s the same concept as paying it forward: When you help someone, a different person in the future will help you.”

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