Real Estate News Now: June 6, 2016


Whether the news is regarding how tech is changing the real estate market or how Realtors can break into digital marketing,iIn this Real Estate Now, we discuss all things technology to understand a reflection of what the real estate market looks like today at the forefront of digital changes. Enjoy!

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1.  Top 10 Cities for Millennial Home Buyers

” Millennials who aspire to become homeowners may want to shun the pricey bright lights of the City So Nice They Named it Twice or the oh-so-expensive shine of Silicon Valley and head to Austin, TX, instead, according to a recent report.”

2.  Real estate sale inspires Highland Park grad to open Door, try flat-fee approach

” Would you list your home with a fledgling real estate company if it would save you thousands of dollars in sales commissions?”

3.   How Tech Is Changing the Real Estate Market

” Technology has caused change, and sometimes disruption, in almost every industry. Real Estate is no exception to this. In fact the way that real estate agents and others in the industry do business has been significantly impacted by technology. In some instances, the effects are quite positive, but in other cases not so much. Let’s look at a few ways that tech is impacting real estate.”

4.  How Realtors Can Break Into Digital Marketing

” So you want to create a real estate marketing plan. Your brokerage needs an online presence, right? How do you differentiate yourself and create a solid brand that defines you as the definitive real estate service provider in your area?”

5. [Infographic] Here’s what today’s Realtor looks like

“There are officially nearly 1.2 million Realtors in the U.S., with more people opting into the real estate profession this year, the National Association of Realtors reported in its 2016 NAR Member Profile.”

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