Real Estate News Now: July 5, 2016


In this week’s Real Estate Now, we share an interesting assortment of articles that cover topics such as 5 mega-trends that will be revolutionizing the real estate market, how creative home buying options have allowed two families to live in Toronto under one roof, how a sparkling clean home may be the ticket to a higher appraisal, how property values are increasingly depending on transit and more!

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1.  Five megatrends that will soon revolutionize the real estate market

“The real estate market is on the verge of major transformations that will revolutionize how we do business. Climate change, ecommerce and a demographic explosion are building new horizons in real estate. The next few decades will usher in a new era where technology dominates business and lifestyle, creating a new impetus for stakeholders and investors to stay ahead of the curve if they don’t want to go extinct.”

2.  Property Values Increasingly Depend on Transit—and Mayors

“Real estate and transportation are increasingly becoming interconnected, Rob Speyer, president and chief executive of Tishman Speyer, told those attending the ULI Asia Pacific Summit in Shanghai.”

3.   Two couples pool money to live under one roof

“They don’t claim to have all the answers. Certainly they haven’t resolved the big question: What happens if the relationship ends? But two Toronto couples say they’re committed to figuring it out because pooling their resources to live under one roof has bought them a home in the city that they could not have afforded separately.”

4.  Will a Sparkling-Clean Home Appraise for More Money?

“If the appraiser thinks your house isn’t worth the agreed-upon price, the lender won’t give your buyer full funding and the deal might fall through. With so much on the line, can you woo this home appraiser? Not with flowers — or even a wink and a nudge toward some cash casually left on the dining room table. But can an impeccably clean home dazzle that disinterested real estate professional into valuing your house higher than if it were a pigpen?”

5. Housing Agency Overhauls Rules to Help Struggling Homeowners

“A federal program that sold more than 100,000 soured mortgages to private investors at discounted prices is getting a major overhaul. Changes announced by federal housing officials on Thursday follow months of criticism from legislators and housing advocates that the buyers of the loans have not done enough to keep struggling borrowers in their homes.”

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