Real Estate News Now: July 18, 2016


In this Real Estate Now, we see real estate trends to anticipate for 2017 along with popular trends right now (hello, Pokemon Go!) We take a look at stats reflecting the United States real estate landscape and even include a little bit about social media etiquette for real estate professionals as well!

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1.  These 6 Charts Tell You Everything You Need to Know About the Real Estate Market

” There’s likely no sector as important to the U.S. economy as housing. In the first quarter of 2016, residential investment accounted for roughly half of the 1.1% increase in real GDP. Historically, this is on the high side, but when you count spending on housing services as well as spending on various kinds of housing construction, the home construction industry can account for as much as one fifth of overall output in the U.S. economy.”

2.  6 Ways to Get a Head Start on 2017 Home Trends

” Looking to remodel, renovate, or design a new home? You probably want to make sure you’re on the forefront of modern trends. These 6 items and features will give you a head start on 2017, ensuring that your home is the chicest one on the block.”

3.   Real estate agents should NEVER post these things on their professional social media

” It’s a well-known bit of advice to keep your political opinions out of the workplace, but it’s easy to forget that now extends to Internet forums, too. And politics isn’t the only topic we occasionally find ourselves being too open about. Here’s what NOT to post on your professional social media.”

4.  Gotta Catch Them All: Using Pokemon Go to Attract Millennial Homebuyers

” With the augmented reality app Pokemon Go sweeping the nation, homebuyers from Team Valor may find it beneficial to move to East Dallas. However, downtown isn’t exactly slim pickings, either (are you listening, Team Mystic?). Truth: We can’t hate on this fad, as it’s helping people connect, making people go outside and get some fresh air and exercise, and also creating a new marketing opportunity for small business — and real estate, of course!”

5. More first-time buyers skip starter home stage for bigger, better

” The concept of a “starter home” is quickly becoming a real estate relic, like track lighting and brass hardware. Time was, young families with average incomes who were shopping for a first house would choose a small one in an affordable neighborhood — maybe with just a hint of a yard and a carport, rather than a half-acre lot and a two-car garage.”

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