Real Estate News Now: April 19, 2018

Real Estate News Now – Brief recaps and links to the latest in real estate news! (April 19, 2018)

Take a look at our latest roundup of real estate news from our Real Estate News Now Blog Series! Don’t forget that there’s something for everyone to read, so whether you click to increase your awareness of the real estate innovations, trends and news article making waves around our country or simply want to share with your circle of influence, make sure to share what articles resonated with you the most in the comments at Champions School of Real Estate’s Facebook and Twitter pages!


1. This Startup Could Finally Bring Real Estate Into The Blockchain Era // BLOCKCHAIN & REAL ESTATE

“Real estate transactions move at a snail’s pace in the U.S., with ownership tracked on pieces of paper. But crypto startup Harbor thinks it has found a way to turn real estate into a liquid asset with digital, tokenized securities.” – Forbes

2. What’s Holding Back New Home Construction? There’s No One to Build ’em! //  INDUSTRY TRENDS

“In this blazing-hot housing market of severe home shortages and rapidly rising prices, many buyers around the country have found themselves left shivering in the cold. But while builders would love to swoop in, construct a bunch of homes, and save the day (while making bucketloads of cash), they can’t. They simply don’t have the manpower.” –

3. Agentology raises $12 million for lead referrals app  // REAL ESTATE TECHNOLOGY

“Lead tool that helps agents milk leads for all they’re worth snags its largest funding round to date –  12 million. Agentology screens online buyer and seller leads for agents and then helps agents milk leads for all they’re worth by squeezing referral fees out of the leads they don’t want.” – Inman

4. Household incomes failing to catch up to rising home prices, NAR report says  // RISING HOME PRICES

“Rising home prices are outpacing household incomes nationwide, making it even tougher on first-time buyers, a new report from the National Association of Realtors and found.” – Inman

5. How to Spot a Mortgage That’ll Set You Up for Failure //MORTGAGES

“In February, Mick Mulvaney, acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, released his strategic plan for the agency, including the loosening of regulations with the goal of making it easier for Americans to borrow money, including mortgages for home purchases.” – US News & World Report

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