Real Estate News: July 23rd


Real Estate News: July 23rd

Covering a variety of topics ranging from how much technology matters in the real estate business, how millennials are shaping the real estate industry, several tips for investors, this week’s round up brings us expert perspectives from Realty Today, LinkedIn, The Fiscal Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur and the National Real Estate Investor. There’s something for everyone to read, so make sure and share what articles resonated the most with you over at the Champions School of Real Estate facebook and twitter pages! Enjoy your morning read – see you next week!


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>> Growth in the Real Estate Business Means Having To Be A Tech Master – By Staff Reporter, Realty Today

In the real estate business nowadays, online listing is very rampant such that the services of real estate agents are only sought after they have picked a property. To land a client, a real estate agent needs to be tech savvy to be able to land a sale…

>> Five Ways Millennials Are Influencing Real Estate  – By Nav Athwal, Founder & CEO at RealtyShares

The real estate market is undergoing a tremendous shift. This is because of changes in generational and social attitudes. The effect is that first time homebuyers are becoming fewer, as individuals will delay purchases until later in life. The Millennial generation is the classic example of this…

>> Why Investors Prefer Real Estate to Stocks, Bond and Gold – By Suelain Moi, The Fiscal Times

Americans still feel skittish about the stock market. When it comes to long-term investments, real estate is still preferred over cash or the stock market, reports in a new study…

>> Best Areas Of Real Estate To Invest In Now  – By Ky Trang Ho, Forbes Contributor

To zero in on the best areas of real estate invest in now and get an overall assessment of the market, I checked in with Burl East. He serves as CEO of American Assets Capital Advisers, in San Diego, Calif. with $2.65 billion under management…

>> The 7 Tips Entrepreneurs Need to Know Before Investing in Real Estate – By Steven Kaufman,Entrepreneur

Why should entrepreneurs invest in the first place? The answer is: to have enough money to live on when we no longer can or wish to work. To put that money aside, however, we have to accumulate enough to offset inflation and the taxes that erode our savings. And for that purpose, real estate is an excellent solution…

>> A Millenial’s Perspective on Commercial Real Estate – By Nicole Weinberger, National Real Estate Investor

We’ve all read about the new Millennial wave that’s going to take over home-buying in residential real estate. The not-so-new story is that Millennials are the next home buyers and we’ve all got to keep up with the technology in order to close those imminent sales…



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