I am a Champion: Raynard Burnett

Welcome to our new blog segment: “I am a Champion.”  This new segment highlights a student from one of our seven campuses and will post once a month.  Our goal is to show you some stellar people and highlight the fact that our students come from all walks of life.  We know everyone has a different story to tell and we want to help tell it.

So, please read on about our first Champion, Raynard Burnett.

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“The first year in any business is the hardest. That is when people just give up because they are not prepared for the challenge.”

“I researched and expected challenges before getting in and I was prepared.”

Champions School of Real Estate student Raynard Burnett attributes his success as a new real estate agent to research, perseverance, and education.  Before gaining his real estate license, Ray had little to no experience in the real estate industry, but after researching all the available programs, he chose Champions because of its accelerated program and friendly staff. 

“Knowledgeable instructors made it interesting and allowed a person new to the industry to easily learn and understand all the legal aspects and requirements.  I learned more than just how to sell a house and I passed the exam on my first try.”

Now that Ray is licensed, he continues to take courses with Champions School of Real Estate to further his knowledge and add to his marketability.  Ray stated that marketing and honesty are also keys to being a successful agent. Fearing that real estate agents had a negative connotation when he first started his new career, he strives to maintain the utmost integrity and to work hard for his clients or as he calls them: employers. 

“I work for them. They employ me,” said Ray. “My job is to find my clients – my employer – a new home or to sell it for my sellers.”

While Ray qualifies success on his earnings, it’s not the only thing he considers when talking about his achievements as an agent.  In fact, he says the most rewarding part of being a real estate agent is “seeing the face of my employer [client] at the closing table whether they are on the buying or the selling side.”  

Before becoming an agent, Ray worked as a police officer in Chicago for 11 years.  He then moved to Texas and worked for the state as an incident manager where he oversaw investigations and managed 16 people.  After 17 years in law enforcement he decided he needed a change.

“I wanted to work for myself and choose my clients. As an officer, I didn’t have the choice of who I was working with,” said Ray.

Today, Ray works as an agent with ERA Colonial Real Estate.  He met his goal of staying strong his first year and hopes to increase marketing and sales in his second year. 

4 responses to “I am a Champion: Raynard Burnett”

  1. Samantha Rochford says:

    You would never know Ray is relatively new to RE, he is a wealth of knowledge! Ray has been extremely helpful to me as I am working on getting my license. He is always willing to take his time to explain something to me or offer advice. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work alongside Ray as he truly is such a genuine person. It’s no surprise that he’s going to be a very successful agent!

  2. Ray,

    Excellently put! I am excited to see all you have done and continue to do! It’s the drive and dedication and knowing who you are and why you wake up each day that is so rewarding! I am proud to be associated with you!

  3. Carolyn Rhew says:

    That was a wonderful blog!!!
    Great Job Ray!

  4. We’re very proud of Ray’s accomplishments in his short time with ERA Colonial Real Estate

    Dennis DeWine, Broker
    ERA Colonial Real Estate

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