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Randy often says, “What we permit we promote,” or as noted author, Ken Blanchard says, “We train people as to how to treat us.” If we are concerned about our clients making demands upon us that go beyond our comfort zone, if our clients are habitually late to meetings, not following our professional instructions, not buying into the business philosophy we promote and follow in the best interests of our client achieving their intended results, generally, treating us on a level less than what we deserve; it’s not the client’s fault, it’s the agent’s fault. If we allow people to treat us poorly, they will; if we allow them to drive their philosophy, they will. If we allow them to ‘drive our bus,’ they will, and some will even throw us under our own bus.

We do not have to work just ‘anybody,’ we’re worthy of working with quality people. We have the same choice our clients do; whether to work with someone or not. We don’t have to work with people who treat us poorly, and this is why having an Informational Counseling Session with a Buyer before showing property is so vital, this is the focus of the Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) Designation Course, to promote the value of beginning a business relationship on a footing based upon mutually clear and concise objectives, to develop a win-win relationship.

The bottom line; if we find ourselves stressed out because everyone is taking advantage of us, it’s because we let them. If we don’t let them, they won’t.

Next month Randy will challenge industry Brokers who sponsor and lead agents. In looking ahead to that edition, how might you answer this question; “If your agents do not do what they say they will do, if they do not achieve what they claim they will achieve, why is that?

See you here next month.

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This monthly blog is offered by Randy Smith, Sr. Staff Instructor at Champions School of Real Estate. Randy has been serving our real estate industry for nearly a quarter century, over a decade of that time with Champions. Teaching is first and foremost his passion. 

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