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Nothing is Impossible if you Persevere

Perseverance is one of the greatest qualities we can empower on the path to becoming the very best we can be, because as it implies, perseverance knows no quit. Perseverance is the difference between mediocrity and greatness.

William James said, “Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they have a second,” and while James wasn’t talking about a runner, I will, because a marathon runner is an excellent example of perseverance. A “second wind,” when it comes to running is often referred to as a “runners high,” and there exists a great deal of research addressing the human being’s ability to take on a second wind. The biological and other scientific evidence points to this perfect balance being achievable, while others claim this phenomenon is more psychological. Regardless the disagreements as to ‘how,’ there is a consensus that the second wind is real.

As with the runner, he or she comes to a point where every bit of their energy has been drawn out of them, then almost like magic, all that expended energy returns to the runner, empowering the perseverance essential to carry on and cross the finish line.

Without this power of perseverance, the runner would be inclined to quit, just as anyone else might do when it comes to persevering in their goals and commitments. We all have this power residing within us, but far too often we choose an action counter to what it takes to cross the line.

It’s easy to start the race, but it’s perseverance that finishes the race. Perseverance possess the power to overcome all its opposites; obstinacy, laziness, procrastination, and apathy. Perseverance empowers resoluteness, doggedness, tenacity, moxie, and stamina, while directing a dedicated diligence we call ‘determination’ and ‘drive.’

Perseverance is like carbon and steel teaming up with the heart and soul to accept nothing less than achieving the intended goal. Perseverance represents our will on fire, igniting our grandest emotions and convictions. Perseverance is the difference maker between success and failure, mediocrity and excellence, ordinary and remarkable.

Perseverance has been called the spirit that unleashes our will, it’s the battle between the “river and the rock,” it’s the “fight in the dog,” and it’s the getting back up after the inevitable fall.

It’s in there, within each and everyone of us, if only we will call upon it, develop it, and in doing so, we strengthen it, each and every time we overcome a challenge. And as we persevere, we push outwardly the boundaries of our limitations, and we find our self achieving things we once believed were impossible.

Nothing is impossible if you persevere; everything seems impossible to those who quit.

– Randy Smith


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