Randy’s Blog | Are you ‘making’ your success or ‘hoping’ for success?

November---Are-you-making-your-successThere is no doubt whatsoever that our business of real estate sales is just like any other business in that it has its challenges, as with anything worth achieving will. But when you really give it some thought, most of the difficulties and challenges we encounter revolve around transactions which, up until closing can always take a turn in the direction of not closing. That’s the case in any business.

Where we fail most often is in exhibiting a lack of perseverance in our prospecting activities. That component of our business requires the most time and energy, but without it we won’t see any closings, period.

Sir Francis Bacon said something that rings oh so true regarding this topic of perseverance, and words which all of us should consider in light of our marketing activities; “A wise man will make more opportunities than he will find.”

The secret to success in real estate sales is ACTIVITY, engaging in prospecting activities whereby you seek out opportunities to meet people with whom you can do business. We are in the relationship business, and without the relationships we have no business. Top Producers know this, and as such they know, they understand, and they persistently practice a two-sided formula for success. And while each and every one of them may engage in different marketing activities, the basic formula remains.

It is essential that through trial and error we identify 2, 3, but no more than 4 marketing activities that we are willing and able to commit to applying consistently. From this trial and error process we discover by ‘failing forward’ (learning from our mistakes and successes) what works best for us, and what doesn’t. Anything and everything can work, but we have to discover what activities work best for us.

Simultaneously, we have to follow-up on the relationships we open and begin to nurture, and that means developing a follow-up program involving spending 2-3 hours per day, 5-6 days per week in this follow-up, like sending out personal notes, follow-up phone calls, email campaigns, and a vast array of other techniques which are proven to work.

This two-sided, and very fundamental formula for success works, but what lacks most often is perseverance. It is in and through our perseverance that ‘we create,’ ‘we make’ the opportunities that show up; they don’t just fall from the sky.

Top Producers know this, and they practice such a fundamental system. And here’s another thing they come to discover early on; success is all about ACTIVITY applied CONSISTENTLY. Success in real estate sales rarely lies beyond mastering the fundamentals. And one of the basic fundamentals is as Francis Bacon implies, PERSEVERANCE.

If you need some help in understanding and then applying the fundamentals, may we suggest the Champion’s Power House New Agent Training class, the Champion’s Marketing 1 course, or any number of Designation and Certification classes that focus on the fundamentals and beyond.

In short, the formula for success is a simple one; but the will to apply the perseverance it takes to succeed is left solely up to you.

The question remains a simple one: Are you ‘making’ your success or are you ‘hoping’ that you will one day stumble upon success? The answer is a simple one too, the perseverance, the commitment, and dedication it takes to succeed lies within you. You have to find it; it will not find you.

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