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Allan Hancock’s App of the Month: Jink

Posted on September 30, 2014
Karla Lárraga

App of the Month: Jink Our Rating:  Why:  Jink could potentially be used by Realtors to monitor showings or keep a record of where they have been, in real time. Cost: Free What Jink Does:  Jink is a promising location-sharing app for Android and iOS. Users can see where their trusted contacts are in real-time and send messages to update them on how soon they can meet up. Your buddy only has access to your live location for awhile though, so you can maintain privacy later on. It’s launching as a beta, but the simplicity and easy of use are big selling points. …

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Randy’s Blog | The Time to Plant a Tree

Posted on September 24, 2014

  It is safe to say that about 98 out of 100 people who have gotten into residential real estate, did not choose real estate as a first career. So we truly are a “melting pot” industry; and the transferrable skills new agents bring into our industry are broad, positive, and seemingly countless. Many of those who get into real estate may have been prompted to do so due to changing life events, some of those events had created negative circumstances; nevertheless, a career in real estate provides the new agent the opportunity to rebound, and in many cases significantly. Success stories are more prominent than any …

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The More You Learn, The More You Earn and Knowledge is Power These two statements we use on Champions School of Real Estate materials for our customers who are moving into a new career in real estate, mortgage lending, inspection or appraisal. It works for every industry and every career if you take the meanings to heart. Self-confidence is the key to claiming any job and keeping that job. When self-confidence in yourself or your activity is lacking, people either fire themselves or they may be asked to resign by management as their lack of self-confidence is demonstrated through inappropriate …

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Randy’s Blog | “Because We Let Them”

Posted on August 21, 2014

At the end of last month’s blog post, I posed this thought-provoking question to any Brokers responsible for leading real estate agents; “Why do your agents not achieve what they say they will achieve?”   The answer to the question may or may not surprise you, but the answer is nevertheless simple and brief; “Because you let them.” Real estate agents are great at making ambitious statements as to what they intend to achieve in terms of production, but when the time comes to account for their actions, most fall short because no one has held them accountable.   Accountability is a word …

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“Know Your Audience & Plan Your Content” by Karla Larraga Champions School of Real Estate In the age of the over saturated newsfeed, brands of all types are vying for your attention with the goal of converting you, their follower, into engaged customers. If you’re attempting to build your personal brand to boost your visibility for your business, jumping into that frenzy may seem daunting and overwhelming. I can imagine you sitting at your computer after arranging the perfect brand page: Jane Doe, Realtor. Your recent headshot carefully arranged and a custom cover photo finishes your Facebook page to tell …

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