Motivation: The Importance of Attitude


Two salespeople decided to start a new career to sell shoes. They traveled to new territory in an indigenous country to open up new markets.

Three days after arriving, one salesperson said, “I’m returning on the next flight. I can’t sell shoes here. Everybody is barefoot.”

The other salesperson, at the same time, sent an excited email to the shoe factory, sharing that “the prospects here are unlimited. Nobody wears shoes!”


The lesson in this story – a negative mindset will never give you a positive life – applies to real estate.   Do you see how attitude makes all the difference?

Whether a market is in an upswing or a downturn, there’s no question that every real estate market is challenging and unique. Those who keep a positive outlook on the market, in general, are proactive in identifying where conditions are ready for both buyers and sellers. Successful real estate agents find the benefit to every situation; they are realistic and optimistic share that enthusiasm with their customers and friends. If an agent has a dismal outlook for their business, they are doing nothing more than broadcasting negativity. The opportunity for positivity exists in every situation!

Takeaway: Successful agents are those who have learned to make the most of whatever situation current market conditions present.


Do you see how attitude makes all the difference?


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